Maitree 11th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Nandini getting jealous seeing Maitree taking care of Nandish and helping him with his homework. Maitree sees Nandini and asks Nandini to help Nandish with his maths Homework. Nandini agrees. Nandini says to Nandish she used to be a topper in Maths and says Maitree used to fail sometimes. Nandish asks Maitree why can’t she do maths today as Maitree used to help him with Maths before. Maitree makes up a reason and asks Nandini to help Nandish. Nandini helps Nandish in doing her homework. Maitree tries to leave but Nandish asks Maitree to stay here. Maitree agrees.

Vasudhara’s brother and his wife think they made a loss as Vasundhara is returning home. Vasudhara’s brother calls Vasundhara and asks Vasundhara when is she going to return home. Vasundhara says she is going to return soon with her daughter. Vasundhara says she stopped Maitree from leaving the Tiwari household. Vasundhara says she planted a seed in Nandini’s mind that Maitree has replaced her as Nandish’s mother and says she is going to prove that something is going on between Ashish and Maitree.

While Nandini and Nandish are playing. Nandish notices that Maitree is missing and asks Nandini about it. Nandish sees Maitree coming and asks Maitree to play with her. Maitree acts as if she is feeling pain and asks Nandish to play with Nandini. Nandish agrees.

Ashish sees that Maitree is sad and asks her what happened. Ashish and Maitree talk about Nandini. Maitree says she is feeling sad seeing how Nandini is longing for Nandish’s love. Ashish comforts Maitree and calls her superwoman. He cheers up her. Vasundhara takes Maitree and Ashish’s photos without their knowledge and decides to use them when the time comes.

Maitree calls Sachin and asks him to bring their parents to Maata ki chowki arranged by Kusum for Nandini’s arrival. Sachin asks why she traps him always and asks her to call their parents by herself. Maitree says Mom is not talking to me because of recent happenings so please bring them. Sachin agrees. Nandish goes to Maitree and asks her to choose a dress for him seeing her two Kurtis.

Nandini and Ashish take blessings of Elders. Sona says Nandini is looking beautiful. Nandini says her mom gets her ready. Ashish says he falls in love with her again. Nandini asks if his love ended as he said he fell again. Ashish says he never forgot her. Maitree and Nandish come there. Maitree says she is proof of Ashish’s words. Vasundhara comments on them. Nandini sees Nandish didn’t wear the dress she made him wear and gets disappointed. Maitree’s parents come there. They start Maata ki Chowki. Ashish prays to Maata Rani to give her blessings to Nandini and Maitree. He says this chow ki is for Nandini and Maitree. Nandini doesn’t like it.

Pandit asks the couple to sit for puja. Nandini asks Nandish to sit with them. Nandish refuses. He insists Maitree to sit with him like every time. He makes Maitree sit beside Ashish. Vasundhara thinks Nandish is helping her to prove Maitree and Ashish is a couple to Nandini. Sadhna asks Maitree to leave. Maitree says she will come and goes to bring Khanjar’s.

Everyone starts the bhajan and dances happily. Nandish goes to Maitree and asks her to come. Nandini sees it and asks Maitree to leave Nandish. Maitree says she is saying the same. During the struggle, Nandini pushes Maitree onto the floor. Everyone gets shocked by witnessing it.

Episode ends.

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