Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asha comes to Aparajita and says papa is taking us out on a movie, I am so excited. Akshay comes there and says I am sorry for not telling you about the plan before. Asha goes to get ready. Aparajita smiles and says what’s need for this? Akshay says I am doing this to make chhavi happy, I can’t cook for her like you so I am doing this. He says I wanted to talk to you about something.. I will talk to you later on, you can come with us too. She says what will I do there? Akshay says please come for Chhavi’s sake, she will like it. She asks what about Mohini? He looks away and says she might have some other plans, he leaves from there. She thinks what is making Akshay like this?

Mohini is angry and says I won’t let Akshay go out with Aparajita. Niya comes there so she acts like crying. She asks what happened? She says I did a big mistake by choosing Veer for Chhavi. Why is Akshay hating me? I love him so much so can’t he forgive me? Niya says don’t cry, can I help you? She says Akshay is not well so he won’t take medicine from me so can you give this medicine to him? Niya says don’t worry, I will make him take it someway. She leaves. Mohini says I am sorry for using Niya but I have to stop Akshay from leaving the house.

Aparajita and the daughters get ready. Asha says lets take a selfie but Chhavi says let papa come and then we can take a family picture. I just want us all to be happy and that Mohini to stay away from us. Mohini comes there and says Akshay is sleeping as he might be tired so the plan is canceled. The flashback shows how Niya gave the medicine to Akshay and left. He started feeling dizzy and fell asleep. The flashback ends. Chhavi says how could he sleep while we were all waiting for him? Aparajita says I don’t trust Mohini, where is he? she says I am his wife and I can take care of him. You can go and check that he is sleeping.

Aparajita comes to Akshay’s room and sees him sleeping. Mohini asks him to wake up but he doesn’t. Mohini says see.. let him rest. Aparajita leaves. Niya comes there and asks what happened? Mohini says your dad was not feeling well and went to sleep but Aparajita didn’t believe so she came here to check. I told you that she doesn’t care about your dad, she doesn’t care about his health.

Aparajita comes home and sees her daughters sad. Chhavi says we shouldn’t have had any hopes from papa. Aparajita says we all can go out, papa was not here for 15 years but we have always gone out together so lets do the same today. They nod. Aparajita thinks if he didn’t want to go then why did he give them hope?

Aparajita comes to the market with her daughters. She asks what they want to eat? They find a shop having a huge crowd. A woman tells Aparajita that this guy makes very delicous gol gappas. Chhavi and Asha go to buy something else while Disha stands in the line for gol gappas. She distracts the crowd by throwing money on the floor and goes to the shop. The gol gappas are about to fall down but young shop owner and Disha hold it. He thanks her for saving his gol gappas, they are last so I am leaving. Disha says we are not fools to stand here in line, what’s the price? he says these are priceless. He calls the poor kids and feeds it to them while Disha is surprised. He tells her that their happiness can’t be paid with money. Aparajita comes there and sees him feeding the kids. She asks Disha where are others? they go to find Disha and Asha. Aparajita asks who is the guy? she says his is gol gappa store owner, he is oversmart. Aparajita says he has good heart. He goes back to the shop so Disha goes to buy it.

Akshay wakes up and asks Niya what happened? she says you fell asleep, I kept trying to wake you up but you didn’t. He says I had to go out, I have a headache. Niya says they all went out so don’t worry. He says you didn’t go with them?

Aparajita eats gol gappas with Disha but she says they are just okay.. She stares at the owner. He tells his friend that I am looking for a place to live here.

Some guys taunt Chhavi for having a fake boyfriend. They ask her to give them a chance. Asha asks them to shut up. The guys surround them while Chhavi cries. Aparajita comes there with Disha and says you want to marry my daughter? I know your parents so should I go to them? stop harrassing girls like this and get lost. They all run away. Aparajita tells Chhavi and Asha to not be scared. Chhavi says they said that Akshay is here so we went with them. Aparajita says enough, if Akshay didn’t come then what’s the issue? is my love not enough? don’t have any hopes from your father from now on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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