Main Hoon Aparajita 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Nia asking Aparajita to take off the Mangalsutra. Nia tries to take it off but Aparajita doesn’t allow that. Aparajita says to Nia that she can handle the kids anger but not their misbehaviour. Aparajita says she is wearing this Mangalsutra even before she was born and says Akshay wore this necklace on her. Aparajita says if she wants to know why she is wearing this Mangalsutra then she needs to ask Mohini. Aparajita leaves from there. Akshay stops Nia from going after Aparajita. Nia says to Akshay she wants her answers ands asks Akshay why is he not stopping Aparajita?

Akshay tries to explain to Nia but she doesn’t listen to Akshay. Nia asks Akshay to throw Aparajita and her daughters out of this house. Akshay reminds that they are also his daughters and they are her sisters. Nia says to Akshay they aren’t her sisters. Akshay’s says to Nia that he loves her very much. Nia asks Akshay to prove it. Akshay asks Nia what does he needs to do besides this? Kalpana says there is a way.

Disha is shown to be crying in the van. Arjun and Chavi ask Disha to open the van door but Disha doesn’t open the door. Aparajita asks Disha to take out her anger on Aparajita and not on the van. Disha opens her eyes and sees no one around. Disha thinks everyone doesn’t care about her and gets down from the van. Aparajita, Chavi , Asha and Arjun try to cool down Disha by singing a song for her. Disha hugs Aparajita after the song. Aparajita says to Disha that Shubh is just a child. Disha says she is angry not because Aparajita slapped her and says she is angry as Aparajita wore this Mangalsutra.

Akshay asks Kalpana what is the way? Kalpana shows the Mangalsutra and asks Akshay to wear it on Mohini. Nia asks Akshay to do it. Akshay agrees and wears the Mangalsutra on Mohini. Nia and Kalpana feels happy seeing this.

Aparajita says to Mohini that she wore this Mangalsutra to make Mohini angry so that she will make a mistake in her anger.

Mohini video calls Manish and asks Manish how is the Mangalsutra. Manish says to Mohini that she might be hurrying with her plan by calling Kalpana. Mohini says Kalpana is part of her plan and not her plan. Mohini says while Kalpana distracts everyone she is going to inject Akshay with that weakening injection. Manish says his man is going to come in the middle of the night and asks Mohini to be ready to take the parcel.

Shubh sees the chocolate cake and asks Aparajita for a bite. Aparajita tries to give him a bite but Kalpana scolds Aparajita for trying to make Shubh eat the chocolate cake. Aparajita says to Kalpana that she made other things. Kalpana comments on them. Mohini comes and says she already ordered something healthy for them. Kalpana sees Mohini with the Mangalsutra and praises her saying she is looking really good. Akshay gets a call from Inspector Dikshit and Akshay gets information that some robbers have escaped from the jail and they are roaming around. Akshay shares this information with his family. Akshay says they have to be careful and says no one should go out of the house. Aparajita says they should lock the doors and windows tightly.

Akshay says to Aparajita that he already locked them. Aparajita while checking the windows says it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Akshay and Aparajita argue about all the argument’s happening in this house. Aparajita says Mohini is the reason for Dadi’s situation. Akshay says he lived with Mohini for 15 years. Akshay says Mohini will never try to take other people’s lives and says he knows what Mohini did for this family. Aparajita asks Akshay what did Mohini do? Akshay asks Aparajita to stay silent for 2 days. Akshay leaves from there.

The robbers are shown to be looking for a place to hide. Mohini comes out of the house and takes the parcel. Mohini leaves the main door open. The robbers seeing this decide to make Akshay’s house their hideout.

Aparajita sees Shubh stealing a cake piece from the fridge. Aparajita hears some sounds and asks Shubh to hide in the kitchen. Aparajita takes a knife Shubh seeing this gets scared and goes to tell Kalpana about it.

Episode ends.

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