Main Hoon Aparajita 1st April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Aparajita threatening the Robbers with a knife to stay away from Aparajita and Shubh. The robbers decide to take Shubh hostage. But Aparajita threatens them with a knife. The robbers seeing this take out their guns. Aparajita seeing this drops the knife. The robbers take Shubh away. Shubh asks Aparajita to save him. Aparajita asks the robbers to leave Shubh.

Akshay hearing Aparajita’s voice understands that robbers have entered the house. Disha asks Akshay to save Aparajita. Akshay calms them down and tells Arjun and the girls to hide in Dadi’s room. Kalpana worries about Shubh. Akshay says he will go and save Shubh. Kalpana leaves from there.

The robbers question Aparajita who are in the house? Aparajita says there is no one besides them. Aparajita sees Akshay. Akshay signals Aparajita to stay silent. Akshay hides from the robbers and decides to distract them. Akshay makes a noise and sends the robbers away. Akshay gets near Aparajita. Kalpana worries about Shubh and comes infront of the robbers. The robbers also see Akshay and make him come outside. Kalpana asks Akshay if something happened to Shubh because of Aparajita what would she do?

Akshay asks the robbers what do they want? The robbers head Jagga asks one of his men Balu to give his introduction. Balu says to Akshay’s family that their head Jagga has done 14 murders and 50 kidnappings. Jagga says to Akshay’s family that they have to hide from the police for this night and they will leave tomorrow. Akshay agrees. Jagga asks Akshay who are in this house? Aparajita says Dadi is upstairs and she is bedridden. Jagga sends his men Balu and Ratta to check Dadi’s room. Akshay objects to it. The robbers threaten to kill him. Aparajita stops Akshay asks Akshay what is he doing? Akshay says the kids are in Dadi’s room.

Aparajita shouts to the robbers to not touch Dadi’s machines and her medicines as they are going to Dadi’s room. The girls hearing this thinks Aparajita is signaling them and they hide from the robbers. Balu and Ratta check Dadi’s room and think no one is inside the room. Balu and Ratta decide to check other rooms. Arjun seeing this signals the the girls to come out. Nia says to Arjun that he doesn’t need to be a hero. Arjun comments on what she said. Balu and Ratta check Mohini’s room. Mohini is shown to be hiding from the robbers. Mohini comes out after the robbers leave her room. Mohini thinks she has to escape.

Lambu asks Jagga what happened? Jagga asks he is feeling slight pain. Lambu asks Aparajita if there is first aid kit. Aparajita says there is and tries to get near Jagga but Jagga doesn’t allow her and asks Lambu to take the first aid kit. Jagga warns Aparajita not to act smart. Akshay aslo asks to Aparajita not to act smart. Aparajita reminds Akshay that they might kill them after their work is done. Jagga asks Lambu to check what is in the fridge as he is feeling hungry? Aparajita says she will cook for them if they need anything. Balu also asks Jagga to allow Aparajita to cook. Jagga agrees. Jagga asks his men to tie up all of them. Aparajita asks Jagga how can she cook if she is tied up. Lambu thinks Aparajita might be trying to knock them out by mixing knock out drug in the food. Jagga says what ever Aparajita makes the kid will taste the food first. Balu praises Jagga’s idea.

Mogia brings Mohini to Jagga and says Mohini tried to escape but he caught her. Jagga says to Aparjita that she doesn’t like liars. Jagga asks his men to search the house again.

Episode ends.

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