Main Hoon Aparajita 19th March 2023 Written Update: Aparajita comes to Nia

The episode starts with Aparajita talking with her daughters on the phone. Aparajita says she cleaned the house and insurance agents also came and investigated the laundry fire. Aparajita says they will also get the insurance money soon. Asha tries to complain to Aparajita but Disha stops her and reminds Asha what they decided about being Aparajita’s strength and not weakness. Aparajita asks what happened. Disha makes up a reason and covers it up. Aparajita says she is making soup for them and she will bring it to them. Asha asks Aparajita how is she going to come as Akshay didn’t allow her to come here. Aparajita says she will think of a way.

It is shown Aparajita is climbing the ladder to the girl’s room. Aparajita comes into the girl’s room through the window. Disha says to Aparajita that she should have waited until they came to the house instead of trying to clean the house herself alone. Aparajita gets a call from the insurance company. The insurance agent blames Aparajita for starting the laundry fire to scam insurance money from the Insurance company. The insurance agent says she should be grateful as they are not filing a complaint against her to the police. Aparajita tries to explain to the Insurance agent but he doesn’t listen to her and says her file is closed and cuts the call. The girls see Aparajita looking tense and ask her what happened. Aparajita makes up a reason and diverts them.

Mohini comes to talk to Akshay. Mohini comes and asks Akshay how is this doctor’s profile for Nia. Akshay asks Mohini about the doctor being in Dubai. Mohini tries to convince Akshay but Akshay reminds Mohini that Chavi and Dadi are his responsibility and he can’t leave them here. Akshay asks Mohini not to be selfish. Mohini asks Akshay if she needs to remind him what she did for him. Akshay stays silent and leaves from there. Mohini thinks she will take Akshay one way or another.

Aparajita comes into Nia’s room and wakes her up. Nia gets scared seeing Aparajita in her room. Aparajita tries to calm down Nia and feed her soup but Mohini comes into Nia’s room. Mohini asks Aparajita what is she doing here?

Akshay comes and asks Aparajita what is she doing here? Mohini blames Aparajita for trying to kill Nia by feeding poison to Nia. Mohini says there is poison in the soup. Mohini also asks Nia to tell what really happened to Akshay. Nia says to Akshay that Aparajita tried to instigate Nia against Mohini. Mohini complaints to Akshay about Aparajita. Aparajita tries to talk to Nia but Mohini doesn’t allow that. Aparajita says to Mohini that she also fed Soup to her own daughters and asks if she will poison her own daughters.

Mohini comments on it. Aparajita tries to prove that there is no poison in the soup but Mohini throws the soup away making up a reason and blaming Aparajita. Mohini decides to call the police. Akshay asks Mohini not to overreact and says Aparajita would never do anything like that. Akshay asks Aparajita to leave from here. Disha says they will also come with her. Aparajita says to Disha that their house is not yet ready to live in and asks them to stay here. Aparajita hugs her daughters and leaves from there.

In the night Dadi thinks Guruji’s prediction will come true and decides to tell Akshay about the prediction. Dadi goes to Akshay’s room. Mohini decides to inject Akshay with the weakening medicine. Dadi comes into Akshay’s room and sees Mohini trying to inject Akshay. Dadi asks Mohini what is she trying to do? Mohini takes Dadi from their room. Mohini tries to cover up what she is doing but Dadi doesn’t believe Mohini. Dadi decides to tell Akshay about it. Mohini seeing this closes Dadi’s mouth. Mohini sees Disha coming towards them and takes Dadi away from there. Mohini accidentally drops the medicine. Disha comes and sees medicine and throws it in the dustbin. Mohini takes Dadi to a side and injects her with the weakening medicine. Dadi loses consciousness. Mohini leaves from there.

The next day Aparajita is shown to be talking to Disha. Disha comes into Dadi’s room and sees her unconscious. Disha worries about Dadi. Aparajita asks Disha what happened.

Episode ends.

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