Main Hoon Aparajita 16th March 2023 Written Update: Mohini traps Aparajita

The episode starts with Aparajita saying to the inspector that she doesn’t have any evidence but she guarantees that the laundry fire is man made and asks the inspector to investigate from this perspective and hopes that the police get something. Mohini overhears Aparajita talking to the inspector and gets worried.

Mohini says to Manish that Aparajita is asking the police to investigate the laundry fire and says if the police get her fingerprints on the current meter then she will be locked up. Manish asks Mohini not to worry and says he knows an electrician and he will cover her tracks. Manish asks Mohini to tell the electrician what he has to do. Mohini agrees. Manish sends the electrician phone no. Mohini calls the electrician and tells the electrician Ratan to go to the laundry and destroy the current meter so that anyone will not be able to get her finger prints. Aparajita gets surprised hearing that Mohini started the fire and confronts Mohini about it.

Aparajitha decides to take Mohini to Akshay and make her reveal the truth but Mohini escapes from Aparajita and locks her up in the room. Mohini sees some board and puts it infront of the room to distract the people. Mohini thinks with this she will get some time. Aparajita bangs on the door and asks for help to open the door. Mohini comes to a side and asks Ratan to go and complete his work. Akshay asks Mohini where did she go? Akshay says to Mohini that they paid for Chavi and Nia and they can take Nia away from here.

Mohini suggests Akshay that they should take Chavi along with them as Aparajita has gone out with the inspector. Akshay thinks how can Aparajita go without telling anyone. Akshay hears Aparajita banging on the door. Aparajita sees a fire lock and there is a hammer in it. Akshay decides to go and take a look of where the sound is coming from. Mohini stops Akshay and makes up a reason and leaves from there. Aparajita breaks the fire lock and takes the hammer from it.

Akshay comes to Chavi and says to her what they decided. Akshay thinks Aparajita has become a little irresponsible. Chavi says she will not go anywhere until Aparajita comes. Akshay decides to call Aparajita. Mohini switches off Aparajita’s phone. Akshay gets message that Aparajita’s phone is switched off. Akshay says to Chavi that he will stay with her if she wants to wait for Aparajita. Chavi says no and decides to go with Akshay. Akshay messages Disha that he is taking Chavi and asks Disha and Aparajita to come to his house.

Aparajita tries to break the door lock with the hammer. Akshay helps Chavi get in the car. Chavi sees Nia and asks Nia how is she ? Nia says she is fine. Chavi asks Nia about what she said about Aparajita. Nia stays silent. Akshay says they can talk in the house.

Mohini tells Manish that he already told the electrician what he has to do and says they must use what happened to their advantage and convince Akshay to go to Dubai. Akshay takes Chavi and Nia to the house. Aparajita escapes from the room and comes to check on Chavi. Aparajita asks the nurse where is Chavi? The nurse says Akshay took her away. Aparajita thinks about how Akshay can take Chavi without informing her. She sees something in the dustbin and thinks hope Mohini doesn’t harm Chavi to save herself from getting exposed. She leaves the hospital in a hurry.

Akshay and the others reach home. Mohini asks Chavi to come Inside. Chavi says don’t know where mom is. She calls Disha to know about Aparajita. Mohini thinks hopes the electrician set everything. Akshay sees Aparajita coming. He says she is here. Aparajita slaps Mohini. Everyone in the colony sees it. Akshay asks why she slapped her. Aparajita says Mohini is behind the fire accident in the laundry.

Mohini asks why she will hurt her daughter. Nia asks Aparajita to not lose the respect she has for her. Aparajita’s daughters stand with Aparajita. Mohini thinks only Nia can save her. Nia says she supports her mom too. Akshay asks Aparajita what proof she has. Aparajita says she heard Mohini talking to electrician Ratan. She takes Mohini’s phone and checks the call log. She says Mohini deleted the call list. Aparajita calls Ratan to their place saying they have a problem.

Ratan comes to Akshay’s house and asks what’s the problem. Aparajita and Akshay confront Ratan to tell the truth. Ratan says Aparajita asked me to do it for insurance. Mohini smirks and recalls how she planned it with Ratan. Aparajita says she didn’t do anything. Akshay asks Ratan if he has any proof. Ratan shows the call list. Akshay sees Aparajita’s call. Nia says disgusting. Chavi, Disha, and Asha say Aparajita can’t do it, and it’s a conspiracy of Mohini. Aparajita asks Ratan to tell the truth. Akshay stops her and says your lies are exposed so don’t talk. Aparajita looks on.

Episode ends.

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