Lag Ja Gale 8th April 2023 Written Update

Puja asks Bappa to make everything fine between Ishani and Shiv and make both understand that they are made for each other. Ishani returns home. She recalls Shiv’s words and cries. Puja asks her what happened. Ishani keeps crying. Puja hugs her. Ishani says that she regrets falling in love. Shiv sits in his room and cries for Ishani. Ishani also cries for Shiv. Kalank title track plays in the background. Yash calls Puja and says that he wants to discuss about Shiv and Ishani with her. He asks Puja if she can meet him. Puja agrees. Puja meets Yash.

Yash thanks Puja and apologies to her. He says that he won’t let Puja lose her job. Puja says that she neither wants to do that job or keep connection with Dhooper family. Yash tells her that Shiv loves Ishani a lot. Puja asks him why Shiv is doing this to Ishani. Yash says that Shiv has few personal reasons. Puja tells Yash that Ishani is in pain and suffering only because of Shiv. Yash says that Shiv’s condition is no different. Yash tells Puja that they have to bring Shiv and Ishani closer. Puja says that she has an idea and and shares it with him.

Yash puts his hand forward. Puja doesn’t hold his hand and leaves. Yash and Puja prank Ishani and make her believe that Shiv met with an accident in the hotel, having serious injury. Ishani gets worried for Shiv. Puja asks Ishani to go and meet Shiv. Ishani leaves for Shiv’s hotel. Puja messages Shiv from Ishani’s phone and asks him to meet her in hotel. Shiv sees the message. Yash asks him to go and meet Ishani. Shiv goes to call Ishani but Yash stops him. Ishani goes to Shiv’s office and searches for him.

Ishani enters the secret room and spots Shiv and Aniket’s childhood pictures there. She breaks a piggy bank by mistake. Shiv comes there. Ishani hugs him. Shiv sees the broken piggy bank and questions her. Shiv drags her out. Ishani asks Shiv why he is reacting so much. Ishani says that she heard about Shiv’s accident. Shiv lashes out at her for cooking stories always. He asks Ishani to stop trying hard and leave him alone. He asks her to not meet him again. Yash and Puja come there. Shiv asks all to get out. They leave.

Ishani asks Puja and Yash whats going on there. Yash informs her everything. Ishani says that Shiv doesn’t love her as he can’t tolorate her in his room. Yash says that the room is no less than a temple for Shiv. He tells Ishani about Aniket. Ishani returns home and thinks that Shiv told her twice that he never proposed her. She figures out that it was Aniket who proposed her not Shiv. She finds Aniket’s number and calls him. She asks him who he is. Bhupen does not let him speak to Ishani. He and Sumit wonder why Ishani is calling Aniket. Ishani thinks that she has to inform Shiv about Aniket.

The episode ends.

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