Lag Ja Gale 7th April 2023 Written Update

Ishani questions Kiran about the rift in her family. Ishani says that she has already proven her innocence. She says that she didn’t make Shiv drink bhang during Holi. She returns Kiran’s money which Sulochana and Rachna took from her. She thanks Shiv for listening to her. Randeep asks Meena how can she do this to her own family. Dimple also criticizes Meena. Kiran lashes out at her for destroying the reputation of Dhooper family. Meena says that she also felt insulted when Shiv made her apologise to Ishani in the police station.

Bhupen slaps Meena asks her to keep quiet. He criticizes Meena for harming Shiv’s reputation. He holds her hand and tries to drag her outside. Shiv and Kiran ask Bhupen to leave Meena. Bhupen asks Shiv to forgive him. Yash asks Shiv what about Ishani’s reputation, who will take the responsibilities of her loses. Meena vents her frustration in her room. She says that she hates Ishani as Bhupen slapped her because of her. She says that she will take revenge against Ishani for her insult. She promises to make Ishani’s life a living hell.

Ishani returns home and informs Puja and Jagdish that she has proved her innocence infront of the Dhoopers. Jagdish feels sad thinking about Sulochana and Rachna’s deeds. Jagdish asks Ishani to tell him the truth about the video. He asks her about her relationship with Shiv Dhooper. Ishani says that for sometimes she felt that there is something between them but she was mistaken, right now there is nothing between them. Ishani says that the video was inappropriately shot. She apologies to Jagdish.

Jagdish says that love is not wrong and asks her to never cross limits. Kiran asks Shiv if he has something for Ishani in his heart. She says that Ishani’s family is not suitable for Shiv or Dhooper family. She asks Shiv what he is thinking. Shiv says that his family also did wrong with Ishani, Puja and their family. He says that both Meena and Sulochana are equally wrong. He says that Dhoopers have no right to judge Kulkarnis. Shiv says that he respects Kiran a lot but he has to meet Ishani. Puja asks Ishani to have food as everything is sorted now.

Shiv calls Ishani and wishes to meet her alone at the restaurant of his hotel. Puja says that Shiv might realised his mistake and wants to propose her now. She learns that Ishani will go to meet Shiv tonight. At night Ishani goes to meet Shiv. Shiv talks about whatever happened between them and their families. He apologies to Ishani for what his family did with her. He also apologies to her if he ever made Ishani feel that he is in love with her. He says that it will be better if they never meet again or come infront of each other. Ishani asks Shiv if he never had any feelings for her. Shiv asks Ishani to let it go. Shiv leaves. Ishani cries.

The episode ends.

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