Lag Ja Gale 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani delivers the food on time

Lag Ja Gale 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Randeep that they can’t deliver the food by 9 pm. He says that girl is a fraud and we can’t stake our hotel reputation on her. He asks Randeep to make back up ready, and ask Chef to make that dish. Rachna tells Pooja that she don’t think that they can deliver the food on time. The employee comes to Shiv and tells that Ishani’s dish is missing. Shiv says how can I do such a big blunder, I shouldn’t have trusted her. Pooja asks Ishani to mix the masala. Ishani puts the masala in the oil and feels pain in her back. Pooja asks if you are fine. Ishani says yes and asks her to knead the flour. She is bleeding profusely, and thinks Pooja tai shall not know that I am hurt at my back. She calls Rachna and asks her to stir the pitla. Rachna gets a call and goes from there. Ayaa comes to Shiv and says I am impressed and says superb. He hugs Ayaan. Randeep asks him to enjoy their hospitality. Ayaan says he is waiting for the guests to check the Marathi dish. He goes.

Shiv asks Randeep to get the back dish served. Randeep asks him to trust Ishani. Shiv asks if the dish is ready or not? Randeep says I thought…Shiv asks what I am doing then, and says this is my hotel and you will follow my orders. Randeep says it was practically impossible to make that dish for many guests. Shiv says they get money for following my orders. Randeep asks him to keep his anger and attitude with him. Bhupen comes there with Meena and scolds Randeep. Randeep says I am not misbehaving, but Shiv is. Bhupen says Shiv is the owner and you have dugged the land of trouble. He asks Randeep to go. Randeep is leaving. Meena goes behind him. Bhupen tries to instigate Shiv against Ishani and says he will handle the food. Meena goes behind Randeep and asks him not to get upset. She says your Papa ji didn’t do right and says Shiv is wrong. Randeep says even I care for hotel reputation, has left my pregnant wife at home and came here. Meena gets angry and thinks to insult Shiv. Suraj asks from where the burning smell is coming. Ishani finds the pitla burning. Pooja calls Rachna and asks why she didn’t stir in the pitla. Rachna says she got audition call. Pooja says we can’t make Pitla again. Ishani says if we add water. Suraj says but the smell will not go. Ishani asks them to Baba’s magic, and asks Suraj to give bread. She puts the bread in it and stir, and then cover it with lid. Pooja and others make bhakri. They see the time, it is 7 pm. Ishani says the food is ready. Pooja asks what we will do about traffic. Ishani says I made everyone reached before time in my taxi, today Bappa will make us reach fast. She tells that just as taxi comes, they will load the food. Sumeet gets bailed by the lawyer and then gets angry on him.

Bhupen and the employee tell Shiv that back up dish is ready. Shiv asks him to serve after 15 mins. Yash comes there and says you will be in the top magazine, and asks about Ishani and her sister. Shiv says I will leave her for begging. Ishani and her sisters are loading the food in the taxi. Ishani feels pain. Pooja asks what happened to her. Ishani says she is tired and tells that they have to deliver the food first. Shiv is in the meeting with his employees. Ishani asks Pooja to call hotel and inform. The goon hears and informs Bhupen. Sumeet is on the way. Bhupen calls him and tells something. Sumeet says he will reach office and grab her father’s neck.

Sumeet, Ishani and others are stuck in traffic. Sumeet gets down, but doesn’t see her. Shiv is checking the time and says Ishani Kulkarni, you have ruined my reputation, I will not leave you. Randeep comes there and asks Shiv to keep his attitude and arrogance to side, as Ishani has brought the food. Ishani and Suraj reach the hotel and takes out the boxes. Bhupen asks Sumeet to wait for his order. He tells that Ishani has reached the hotel. Randeep tells that he trusts Ishani, but some people don’t trust themselves. Ishani says we have delivered the food 1 min before time. She asks for money. Shiv says impressive and asks her to come to cabin, and take the money. Ishani asks Suraj to inform Pooja that they have delivered the food.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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