Lag Ja Gale 31st March 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, Shiv recalls whatever happened in recent past and thinks that Ishani can’t be at fault. He feels bad for misbehaving with Ishani but says it was needed. He wants Ishani to hate and forget him. He says that Ishani’s love is not in her destiny. Meena calls the reporter at whose home Ishani has gone to do her cleaning job. She learns and says that girl’s family is coming to Dhooper’s house for Shiv’s alliance. Ishani hears the news and gets shocked. She breaks a glas jar due to shock. Ishani recalls Shiv’s words and cries.

Meena wishes to give the mms to the reporter. She asks Meena to visit her home to discuss everything in details. The reporter asks Ishani to go and change clothes. Shiv and Ishani can’t stop thinking about each other. They cry remembering each other. Meena comes to meet the reporter. She spots Ishani there. The reporter praises Ishani’s work and gives her advance payment. Meena clicks the picture. She plans to utilise the picture later. Aniket holds a knife in his hand and waits for Ishani.

Ishani doesn’t recognise him as his face is covered with mask. Ishani asks him to stay away from her and tries to escape. He captures Ishani and tries to suffocate her. Ishani bites his hand and removes his mask. Ishani gets shocked. Aniket says that he loves Ishani and if she doesn’t accept his proposal he will kill her. He cuts her throat. Aniket comes out of his dream. He promises to realise his dream. He says that none can save Ishani from him now. Ishani returns home. Jagdish tells him that he will go to somewhere.

Ishani gives her payment to Jagdish. Jagdish praises her. A little boy comes at their house. He informs Ishani that something wrong has happened to Puja. Ishani goes to check Puja. She sees that Puja’s prosthetic leg is lying on the road and Puja is looking helpless. Puja goes to fall. Ishani holds her. She asks Puja how all these happened. Puja asks her to take her home immediately. Ishani brings Puja home. Ishani asks Puja what happened. Puja starts describing.

She says that she visited Dhooper’s house with her co workers as there is some function at their house tonight. She had a little communication with Shiv regarding work. She tried to avoid Shiv as much as possible. Meena came there and got excited seeing all the lip smacking dishes on the table. She mispronounced the name of one dish. Puja corrected her. Meena felt insulted.

Later Puja and Randeep were cooking in the kitchen together as Randeep is the head chef and she is his subordinate. Randeep burned his hand in the process. Puja saw it and sympathied with him. She brought ice water and tried to heal Randeep’s burnt. Meena spotted them and misunderstand Puja’s intention. She confronted Puja. She questioned her for trying to cling onto Randeep delibarety. Ishani tried to defend herself but Meena kept insulting her.

The episode ends.

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