Lag Ja Gale 29th March 2023 Written Update: Ishani encourages Puja

In today’s episode, Shiv sees the red bouquet and recalls Ishani’s words. Randeep comes there and enquires about Ishani. Shiv says that he is not in a mood to talk. Randeep asks if Shiv has said something to Ishani. Shiv loses his cool and asks Randeep to not ask anything to him. He says that Ishani dared to propose to him. Bhupen secretly hears their conversation. Shiv says that according to Ishani he went to her home and confessed his feelings to her. He says that he went to Ishani’s house but didn’t meet her.

Bhupen understands that it was Aniket who met Ishani. Randeep asks Shiv why is he being hyper. He calls Shiv stupid. According to him Shiv has made the whole matter complicated. Shiv leaves. Ishani asks Puja if she won’t leave for hotel. Puja says that she won’t work with someone who insulted her sister. Ishani encourages her to continue doing her job as she will handle her matter. She asks Puja to go and get ready for work. She says that life must go on. Kiran, Sashi count money. Shiv questions them.

Meena also comes there. Kiran gives a lame excuse. Sashi asks Kiran to tell the truth to Shiv. She shows Ishani’s message to Shiv. Meena says that she already warned everyone about Ishani but none listened to her back then. Shiv says that the message is not sent by Ishani as she can’t stoop this low. He says that someone is trying to frame Ishani. Kiran refuses to believe it. Shiv goes to call Ishani. Kiran stops him. Kiran calls Ishani and communicates with Rachna. Rachna informs her what to do with the money. Kiran criticizes Ishani.

Rachna gets ready like Ishani to meet Kiran. She and Sulochana secretly leave the house. Kiran, Sashi come at the location to reach the money. Shiv comes with them. Meena keeps an eye on everything. They dump the money in mentioned place. Rachna comes to collect the money hiding her face. Shiv sees that she is wearing the kurta given to Ishani by him earlier. He gets confused. Then he thinks this can’t be Ishani. Shiv decides to check himself. Sulochana and Rachna try to run away seeing Shiv coming towards them. Shiv almost catches them. Meena spots Rachna and Sulochana.

She gives lift to both so that Shiv can’t catch them or learn the truth. They leave. Shiv fails to catch them. Sulochana asks Meena what she wants and if Shiv has sent her to follow them. She and Rachna try to escape. Meena locks the car. Sulochana threatens her to open the lock. Meena says that she has no intention to expose Sulochana or her daughter. She asks for share of the money. She threatens them to inform Shiv everything otherwise. She says that Sulochana and daughter will reach jail after that. Meena asks for 50 percent share of the money. Rachna convinces Sulochana. Meena says that they won’t become friends after this deal and asks both to leave.

The episode ends.

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