Lag Ja Gale 28th March 2023 Written Update: Sulochana blackmails Kiran

In today’s episode, Aniket arranges his room as he thinks that Ishani will arrive today to confess her feelings for him. He gets ready. Shiv learns that Ishani has arrived at his office. He recalls his promise to Kiran. Ishani comes to his cabin. They look at each other for a while. Ishani says that she wishes to say something to him. She mentions about yesterday’s incident. Shiv gets confused. Ishani says that she is aware of what Shiv feels for her. She says I love you to Shiv. Shiv says that Ishani is mistaken.

Ishani says that Shiv has come to his home and already confessed his feelings to her yesterday. Shiv says that he came to Ishani’s house but didn’t meet her. Shiv says that she has no feelings for Ishani in his heart. He says sorry I don’t feel for you Ishani and turns. Ishani gets shocked and confused. Shiv destroys the flower bouquet. He says that he has no feelings for Ishani. He says that there won’t be anything between them in future too. He asks Ishani to look at her and Shiv and says that they are total mismatch.

Ishani asks Shiv to not say all these. Shiv goes on. Ishani asks him to stop. Shiv says that he is aware of the fact that both Ishani and her whole family are bunch of gold diggers. He asks Ishani to get out. Ishani get heartbroken and leaves the cabin. He holds the flower bouquet and sheds tears. He hopes that Ishani will forget him and be happy in life. He says that he will be happy if Ishani remains happy. Ishani recalls whatever happened and cries. She returns home and cries her heart out. Shiv also cries in his cabin. Puja asks Ishani what happened to her. Ishani tells Puja that Shiv doesn’t love him.

Puja gets shocked and asks her how is this possible. Ishani says that Shiv has insulted her and their family. Puja gets enraged and criticizes Shiv. Ishani asks Puja to leave the matter and calls herself unlucky. She says that Shiv cracked a joke on her earlier. Puja says that it’s not easy to forget love. Ishani cries and hugs puja. Puja comforts her. Rachna meets Sulochana outside. She gives a simcard to her. Flashback shows that she has removed Ishani’s simcard secretly. Sulochana asks Rachna to insert the sit in her home.

Rachna asks Sulochana what she is upto doing. Sulochana says blackmailing. She sends the video to Kiran. She threatens to viral the video and demands five lakh rupees. Rachna understands that Sulochana is trying to defame Ishani infront of Kiran. Kiran sees the message and shares it with Sashi. She calls Ishani more dangerous than her aunt Sulochana. Sashi gets shocked and criticizes Ishani. She says that Ishani made the video delibarety. Kiran says that Shiv has made his empire with lot of hard work and she won’t let Ishani damage it. She says that she will give the five lakh rupees. Sashi hears their conversation. Kiran decides to not let Shiv know anything. Ishani keeps crying. Puja tries to cheer her up. Aniket keeps waiting for Ishani.

The episode ends.

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