Lag Ja Gale 24th March 2023 Written Update: Meena withdraws her complain

In today’s episode, Aniket secretly visits Ishani’s house to get a glance of her. Rachna and Neeti discuss about what happened at Dhooper’s house today. Aniket learns what Meena did to Ishani today. He decides to find out Meena who is responsible for Ishani’s arrest. He decides to not spare Meena. Ishani asks Shiv for some water. Shiv tries to pass the water jug to her. Kiran comes to police station and gets shocked after spotting Shiv there with Ishani. Shiv says that he is absolutely fine and asks Kiran to not take any stress. He says that they both will get bail soon. Ishani tries to say something. Kiran says that she is not talking to her.

Kiran says that Shiv is doing wrong. She worries that their reputation and buisness can get harmed if this news goes viral. Randeep comes there. Kiran requests him to get Shiv out of jail first in the morning. Kiran cries. Shiv asks her to not. He asks Randeep to take care of Kiran. They leave. Shiv and Ishani sit quietly. They become thoughtful. Aniket sneaks into Dhoopers house at night to find out who Meena is. He calls mami to Sashi. Sashi randomly says that mami is upstairs in her room. Aniket goes upstairs in Sashi’s room. Aniket takes a pillow and tries to suffocate Meena.

Meena gets shocked seeing Aniket. Aniket calls him her death. He says that his name is Aniket. He blames Meena for Ishani’s arrest. He asks her to withdraw the police complaint by tomorrow morning. He threatens to kill her otherwise. He also warns her to not say anything to anyone about him. He says that he will come to the police station to check if Ishani is released or not. He leaves. Meena freaks out. She calls Bhupen and asks him to come back home as soon as possible. Bhupen returns home and asks Meena what’s bothering her, why she looks so scared. Meena says that she has seen Aniket. She tells him whatever happened.

Bhupen says that he will catch Aniket tomorrow at the police station. Next morning, Sashi comes to the police station with Randeep and withdraws the complaint. Randeep tells Ishani that their driver will drop her at home. Shiv looks at Meena. Meena thinks that they will show Shiv his real place once Bhupen catches Aniket. Bhupen and Sumit wait for Aniket outside the police station. Shiv blames Sashi for his sufferings. Meena says it’s sorted as she withdrew the complaint. Shiv doesn’t agree and asks Meena to apologise to Ishani to end the matter.

Shiv orders her to ask for apology. Sashi asks for apology from Ishani halfheartedly. Ishani says no need. They all leave the police station. Sashi asks Kiran to have food. Dimple gossip about Shiv and Ishani. Tina wonders if Shiv likes Ishani. Kiran looks tensed. Randeep gives stole to Shiv to hide his face. Shiv wears it and comes outside with Ishani. Shiv sits in his car and leaves. Aniket also comes there hiding his face behind stole. He becomes happy seeing Ishani out of the jail. He gears up to leave aswell.

The episode ends.

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