Lag Ja Gale 20th March 2023 Written Update: Kiran loses her cool

In today’s episode, Shiv goes to apply colour on Ishani’s cheek. Ishani pushes him away and escapes from his clutches. She takes a pichkari and puts colours on Shiv. She tries to run away. Shiv holds her dupatta, pulls her closer and applies colour on her cheek. They share an intense eyelock. Ishani tries to leave. She stumbles and falls on the mud. He goes to hold her and falls on the mud and her too. Ishani scolds Shiv. Shiv says sorry. He gears up to leave. Ishani stops him and asks him to not leave her in this condition. Shiv gives his dupatta to Ishani. Ishani wraps it around her body and thanks Shiv.

Bhupen and his man spot Shiv’s lookalike. He stops him and asks him to continue beating the drum. Shiv’s lookalike refuses saying that his duty got over. Randeep and Dimple come there. Randeep goes to apply water on Dimple. Dimple moves so the water goes on Shiv’s lookalike’s face. The colour on his face gets removed. Bhupen gets shocked and calls him Aniket. Shiv’s lookalike tries to run away. Bhupen follows him. Neeti spots Shiv and Ishani together. She asks Rachna to wait there and follows both to check.

At Shiv’s room Shiv offers a shirt to Ishani for change as he doesn’t have bottom wear for her. Ishani says that she will manage. Shiv asks Ishani to use the washroom. Bhupen fails to stop Shiv’s lookalike and thinks that he has to be Shiv’s twin brother Aniket. He plans to acquire Shiv’s whole property using Aniket. He calls Sumit to assign him a work. He asks Sumit to come urgently. Sumit agrees. Ishani fails to start the shower and comes outside. Shiv asks her what’s wrong. Ishani tells him the matter. Neeti watches both secretly. Shiv takes Ishani to the washroom to check the shower.

Neeti thinks that Shiv and Ishani are having full girlfriend and boyfriend type scene. Shiv starts the shower. Ishani slips. Shiv holds her under the shower. They both get wet. They keep looking at each other. Barish song plays in the background. Neeti plans to video record the scene. She makes the video. Shiv leaves Ishani and comes out of the washroom. Ishani also comes out. Shiv gives towel to her. Neeti becomes excited to share the video with everyone. She plans to send the video to everyone. Rachna collides with Dimple. Her phone falls on the floor. Dimple picks it up and sees the video message. Rachna, Randeep also see it.

Kiran takes the phone and sees the video too. Sashi comes there. Kiran shows the video to her. She says that she is feeling ashamed to even look at the video. Sashi says that she has no clue about the video. Kiran questions Sashi for inviting Kulkarni family at their party. She criticizes Ishani. She questions Sashi for taking stand for Ishani all time. Kiran also criticizes Sulochana and her daughters. She decides to confront Sulochana. Bhupen informs Sumit about Shiv’s lookalike. He shares his plan with Sumit and asks him to find Shiv’s duplicate by hook or by crook.

The episode ends.

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