Lag Ja Gale 1st April 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, Puja asks Meena to behave herself. She asks her to not involve Ishani. Kiran criticizes her for misbehaving with Meena. She calls Puja mannerless. Meena slams Puja and Ishani. Meena tries to brainwash Kiran and Sashi against Ishani. She asks Puja to stand on the road and work as prostitutes. She calls whole Kulkarni family fraud. Puja asks her to not insult her family. Kiran says that she knows Puja’s mother well. Puja gets shocked. Dimple comes there. Puja goes to give justification to her. Meena trips her.

Puja falls on Dimple who is pregnant. Puja says sorry to her. Meena lashes out at her. She slaps Puja hard. Puja falls. Her prosthetic leg gets visible. Puja cries. Meena calls her handicapped. She claims that Puja tries to frame rich guys for support. Dimple wishes to help Puja. Meena asks her to not do that. Puja asks her to not insult her. Meena says that Puja has no respect. She warns her to stay away from their house and hotel. She forcefully removes Puja’s prosthetic leg. She calls it Puja’s reality. She says that she knows how to deal with girls like Puja.

She breaks the prosthetic leg and leaves. Ishani hears all these from Puja. Ishani fixes the leg. She asks her to not cry and accompany her. Puja says that Shiv and his family are same to same, they can only insult others. Ishani says that today she will teach lessons to this rich people. She says that she can tolorate her insult but not Puja’s. Aniket looks at Ishani’s photo. He says that Ishani has to pay the price for rejecting him. He says that today’s night will be the last night of Ishani’s life. His friend comes to meet him.

He informs Aniket that police is desperately looking for them so they should not roam outside. Kiran says that Shiv should not know what happened in the house today. Meena asks her to not worry as she organized everything properly. Girl’s family arrives at Dhooper’s house. Kiran introduces Shiv to everyone. Shiv is sent to talk to the girl Anaya in private. Anaya talks about Shiv’s nature, lifestyle and calls him different from others.

Anaya asks him about the picture with lion’s tale. Shiv remembers the incident and Ishani. Anaya asks Shiv if he has someone special in his life. Shiv denies. Ishani comes there and calls Shiv. She questions Shiv for misbehaving with his hotel’s employee. Shiv asks her to not create and scene and asks her the matter. Meena criticizes Ishani. Ishani lashes out at her. Randeep asks her what happened as he called Puja. Yash learns that Puja came home.

Ishani says that Meena has insulted Puja and slapped her. Ishani says that Meena kicked Puja out of the house. She calls out Shiv for neglecting his responsibility. Kiran slams Ishani for questioning Shiv. Kiran mentions about the money. Ishani becomes clueless. Kiran says that Ishani is trying to defame their family. Shiv says that he will find out the truth. Meena switches on the tv and shows Shiv, Ishani’s mms to everyone present there. The episode ends.

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