Lag Ja Gale 19th March 2023 Written Update: Shiv, Puja join hands

In today’s episode, Ishani tells Shiv that she is ready to do whatever he will say but asks him to not put colours on her. He asks her to say sorry for the incident that happened during mata ki chauki. Ishani says sorry. He asks her to say sorry for bringing outside food at his five star hotel. Ishani says sorry. Shiv asks her to say sorry for few more things. Ishani says sorry for each matter. Shiv’s lookalike loses his calm. He takes a cutter in hand. A man stops him.

Shiv let Ishani go. Ishani plans to teach Shiv a lesson. She stands on a tool and puts colours on Shiv’s cheek. Shiv asks her to wait and watch. He takes handful of colours and runs behind Ishani. A guest asks Sulochana if she is Dhooper’s family friends. Sulochana says yes. Sulochana lies that Kiran is her childhood friend and she forced her to attend the party. Kiran hears everything. She approaches them. Sulochana tries to behave friendly with Kiran.

Kiran ignores Sulochana. Kiran spots Sulochana’s necklace and questions about it. Sulochana says that Jagdish gifted her the necklace. Kiran gets doubtful. Meena spots Kiran and tries to approach her. Someone puts colours in his eyes. Shiv plans to trick Ishani in order to put colours on her. He sends colours for Ishani hiding it in a tissue. Ishani catches his trick and throws away the tissue. Yash meets Puja.

Puja refers to him as Sir. He asks her to call him only Yash. He calls them friends. Puja calls him Yash. She asks if he didn’t play Holi yet. Yash says that he was stuck in a meeting. Puja makes him taste few dishes. She by mistake drops some colours. She stumbles. Yash holds her. They share an eyelock. Puja feels shy. Yash wishes her happy Holi and leaves. Shiv sends a little boy to put colours on Ishani. Ishani changes his mind by giving him chocolate.

Shiv thinks that he needs to make a solid plan. He approaches Puja and seeks her help regarding Ishani. He shares his plan with Puja. Shiv and Puja shake hands. Neeti asks Rachna why she is not playing Holi. Rachna asks her to not share the incident with anyone. She says that a guy captured her and threatened her to behave well with Ishani. Neeti is in disbelief. Puja asks Ishani to bring her some extra plates from backstage. Shiv says that none can save Ishani from him today. Neeti doubts that the guy must be Ishani’s ex or current boyfriend.

Rachna says that the guy is dangerous. Neeti asks her to approach Sulochana or police. Rachna doesn’t agree. She blames Ishani for everything and wishes to kill her. Ishani fails to find any plate back stage and thinks that Puja told her about wrong place. She tries to leave. Shiv appears there. Ishani understands everything. Shiv says that he will put colours on her. Ishani tries to run away. Shiv runs after her. He catches Ishani and pulls her closer. They share an eyelock.

The episode ends.

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