Lag Ja Gale 17th March 2023 Written Update: Shiv’s lookalike threatens Rachna

In today’s episode, Shiv’s lookalike keeps staring at Ishani. The weather detoriates. Ishani feels cold. The guy gives pillow and puts blanket on Ishani. He caresses Ishani’s face. Ishani wakes up but fails to spot anyone there. She sees that the door is slightly open. She tries to search if anyone has entered the house secretly. She asks Rachna about it. Rachna doesn’t pay attention to her words. She threatens Ishani taking Sulochana’s name and asks her to not bother her anymore. She gets into an argument with Ishani. She calls her Ishani orphan and pushes her. Rachna leaves. He gets angry on Rachna. Ishani tries to sleep again.

Shiv’s lookalike thinks that Ishani is also orphan like him. He doesn’t know about his parents but remembers a lady who use to beat him a lot. He says that he doesn’t know anything except the fact that his family refused to give ransom so the lady use to torture him daily. He says that he understands Ishani’s pain and that he is with her now onwards. He believes that now none can stop him and Ishani from becoming one. He speaks about Rachna, how rudely she was talking to his Ishani. He does something and says that from today she won’t be able to think negatively about Ishani.

Next morning, Rachna happily informs her family that she got selected. She says that she has gotten a chance to do a photoshop today. Sulochana becomes happy and praises her. Puja asks who conducts photoshoot on holiday as it’s the time of Holi festival. Rachna doesn’t pay attention to Puja’s word and says that there is no holiday in her industry.

Sulochana remembers that they have to each Dhooper house to celebrate Holi and asks her daughters to get ready fast. They reach Dhooper house. Dhoopers and Kulkarnis greet each other. Shiv opens his door. Ishani puts colours on Shiv using her pichkari. Shiv gets enraged and says that every year he puts colours on everyone first of all.

He gets mad at Ishani for taking away his rights and tries to put colours on her. Ishani tries to run away. Shiv runs behind her to catch her. They stumble and fall on the bed. Shiv puts red colour on Ishani’s hairline. Ishani sees herself in the mirror and questions Shiv for filling her hairline. Ishani teases him and calls them husband and wife.

Shiv calls it rubish. He gets scared. His dream comes to an end. Randeep and Yash tease him. He beats both of them using pillows. Sashi calls Sulochana and asks for the kundlis of her two daughters. Yash asks Sashi about the matter. Sashi tells Sulochana that she can read horoscope well and wants to suggest few remedies. Sulochana becomes happy thinking that such rich people are asking for Puja’s kundli.

She prays to God and asks him to make Shiv and Puja’s jodi soon. Sulochana cuts the call and thinks that she will never send Ishani’s kundli along with Puja’s. Puja reaches the location of photoshoot. Shiv’s lookalike tricks her and locks her inside a truck. Rachna gets scared and asks him to leave her. He threatens to harm Rachna if she continues to misbehave with Ishani. Rachna says that she will treat Ishani well hereafter. He let Rachna go. Rachna forgets her phone inside the truck. He finds it and says that he has gotten another chance to meet his Ishani Kulkarni. He says Ishani Kulkarni I am coming.


The episode ends.

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