Lag Ja Gale 16th March 2023 Written Update: Bhupen informs Meena about Shiv’s lookalike

Shiv’s lookalike enters inside a shop. Bhupen goes behind him but fails to meet him. He tries to collect information about him from the shop but fails to collect any significant information. Shiv’s lookalike returns home. He recalls Ishani’s beauty and expresses his likings towards her. He says I love you for Ishani. He collects many informations about Ishani and her family from internet. Bhupen comes to his room at midnight. Due to darkness Meena thinks he is a thief. She gets shocked after spotting Bhupen and regrets for not identifying him at first glance.

Bhupen asks her to leave all these as he has a news to give to her. He tells Sashi that he has spotted another Shiv on his way back. Sashi doesn’t believe him and says that Bhupen is watching too many tv serials these days. Bhupen wonders if that second Shiv is Shiv’s twin brother Aniket. Meena says that Shiv alone is enough now she can’t follow the orders of Aniket too. Bhupen asks her to not worry and says that he will acquire Shiv’s whole empire very soon. Ishani looks upset. Puja asks her to not think about Sulochana’s words. Ishani says that she didn’t invite Dhooper family for Shiv but to cheer up Kiran who was sad because of some Aniket.

Puja gives oil massage to Ishani. Puja says that Shiv and Ishani will make a great pair. Ishani gets shocked. She says that no family will accept her as their daughter in law due to her birth history. Puja says heart to heart relations are deeper than blood relations. She says that she finds the spark between Shiv and Ishani, they do have a connection. She asks Ishani if she doesn’t find Shiv Dhooper husband. Ishani recalls the moments she spent with Shiv. Puja says that Yash told her that Shiv hates Maroon colour still he wore that outfit as Ishani asked him.

Ishani asks her to go and sleep. She says that she won’t look good with Shiv as he is much more taller than her. Puja says that Bappa will give her hint about Shiv someday. Ishani gets Shiv’s call and wonders what he wants from her. Shiv wonders why he called Ishani by mistake. Shiv tells Ishani that he called her by mistake. He says sorry to her and cuts the call. He feels relaxed as both Yash and Randeep are asleep. Yash gets shocked after hearing sorry from Shiv’s mouth. Puja calls it Bappa’s hint. Ishani asks her to go and sleep. Yash sees that Sashi is eating ladoos late night. He asks her the matter.

Sashi says that she wants Shiv to marry Ishani. According to her Ishani is the perfect choice for Shiv as she is beautiful, humble, talented and hardworking. Yash becomes happy and asks her what’s bothering her. Sashi says that Kiran hates Sulochana and doesn’t want her daughter to become her daughter in law. Yash asks Sashi to not worry as he will convince Kiran. Sashi becomes happy. Shiv’s lookalike sneaks into Ishani’s house at late night. Ishani gears up to sleep. He stares at Ishani from a distance.

The episode ends.

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