Lag Ja Gale 15th March 2023 Written Update: Kiran changes her mind

In today’s episode, Ishani dances on the song Ghar More Pardesiya. Shiv and his look alike keep starting at Ishani. Neighborhood ladies praise Ishani’s dance. Sulochana gets irked and thinks that she has to do some arrangements for Ishani otherwise none will pay attention to her Puja.

Sulochana scolds Rachna and Neeti and asks both to find two rich guys for themselves. Kiran hears their conversation. Sulochana suggests Rachna to show her Jalwa to Shiv’s brother Yash. She asks Rachna to show more skin so that she look rich. Kiran gets shocked. Kiran understands why Rachna stole jewlery at shop.

Sulochana introduces her daughters to Dhooper guys. Randeep invites Puja for the Holi Puja at Dhooper house. Puja agrees. Sashi asks Puja to come with whole family. Kiran tries to stop her but fails. Sulochana becomes happy and says that they all will definitely come.

She says Puja will work and they will play Holi. Jagdish asks her to accompany him for a talk. Ishani says that Holi is her favorite festival. Rachna says that she will definitely come and play holi with Yash. Kiran asks everyone to leave as soon as possible.

She asks to call the driver. Ishani goes to say thank you to her but she leaves without paying attention to her. Everyone gets clueless. Shiv and Randeep leave. Kiran tells Sashi that Ishani can’t be her daughter in law. Sashi asks her what happened why she has changed her mind.

Kiran tells her about Sulochana and her daughters. Sulochana comes there and informs them that they will reach Dhooper house on time tomorrow. Kiran doesn’t reply and leaves on her car with Sashi. Sulochana thanks God. Kiran tells Sashi that she can’t forget about Sulochana and her mentality.

Sashi says that Sulochana is Ishani’s maternal aunt not her mother. Kiran calls it even worse. Sashi says that they will see the matter. Kiran does not listen and asks her to return the nawari after doing dry cleaning so that Sulochana can’t accuse them of stealing.

Yash, Randeep and Shiv sit together and consume alcohol. They discuss about Holi celebrations. Sulochana thinks about Ishani and gets enraged. She decides to not spare Ishani but teach her a lesson. Ishani comes home and enquires about Rachna.

Sulochana warns her to stay in her limits. She forcefully removes Ishani’s jewellery and hurts her in the process. She claims that Ishani tried to trap the Dhooper boys during Holika Dahan festival. She says that Ishani is just like her mother. Ishani asks her to not say anything more and leaves. Sulochana tells Neeti that she will make such arrangements so that none will ever look at Ishani.

Yash and Randeep pull Shiv’s leg taking Ishani’s name. Yash says that Shiv fears Ishani. Randeep says that Shiv has feelings for Ishani. Yash calls Ishani from Shiv’s phone to tease him. They miss Bhupen’s company.

Bhupen makes a deal with a man and takes ten lakh rupees. He plans to get everything that belongs to Shiv at present. He gets Shiv’s call and informs him that he is busy. He gets shocked seeing Shiv’s lookalike infront of his eyes.


The episode ends.

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