Lag Ja Gale 14th March 2023 Written Update: Yash, Puja come close

Episode Start With, Ishani asks Dimple and Randeep to go to the other side and attend the Holika Dahan ritual. She holds a plate filled with kumkum in her hand. The kumkum fies in the air. It disturbs Shiv’s eyes. Shiv gets irritated. Ishani asks him to stand still and let her check. She brings a tool, stands up on it. She checks his eyes, blows air on his eyes using her dupatta.

Shiv and Ishani share an intense eyelock. Shiv helps Ishani to get down by holding her hand. Shiv’s lookalike goes to a shop to buy something. He spots Ishani on the road. He gets impressed seeing her in traditional outfit.

He learns that Ishani is coming from a nearby venue. Pandit asks two people to come forward to do the Holika Dahan ritual. Sulochana says that Shiv and Puja will do the ritual. She sees that Puja is not around and sends Ishani to call her.

She feels hopeful about Puja and Shiv’s togetherness. Ishani sees that Puja is unable to walk as she got cramp in her leg. Yash says that he will help Puja and asks Ishani to go for the ritual. Sulochana and daughters wait for Puja, they try to call her.

Ishani comes there and informs her family about Puja. Jagdish asks Ishani to do the ritual with Shiv. Pandit asks her the same. Sulochana gets irked. Ishani performs the ritual with Shiv. Shiv and Ishani keep looking at each other. Lag Ja Gale title track plays in the background.

Yash approaches Puja. He asks her if she is alright. He also says that Puja’s eyes speak a volume. Puja says one screw is missing. Yash wishes to check. He checks her prosthetic leg and fixes the issue. Puja feels moved. They share an eyelock. Shiv’s lookalike comes there. He gets a call and says that he won’t leave Delhi until his work is done.

Kiran misses Aniket and sheds tears. Shiv hugs her. He says that he is missing her too but he is around them as he never left them. He says that they are celebrating the festival for Aniket only. Ishani’s earring falls on the ground. Both Kiran and Shiv’s lookalike go to pick it up.

They collide with each other. Kiran doesn’t get to see his face. She goes to ask him something. Meena stops her and drags her away. Shiv collides with him and feels weird. He tells Randeep that there are tall guys like him. Randeep says that he has no comparison with Shiv as Shiv is both intelligent and smart.

Rachna and Neeti discuss about famous designer Yash Dhooper. Ishani is called on the stage to give a dance performance. Shiv asks if Ishani can dance. Puja says that Ishani dances really well and she performs on stage during Holika Dahan festival every year. She says that everyone waits for her performance.

She believes that Shiv will be impressed if he sees her performance. Shiv’s look alike keeps waiting in a corner. He waits for Ishani to appear on the stage and give her performance.

The episode ends.

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