Lag Ja Gale 10th April 2023 Written Update

The shopkeeper meets Aniket’s friend Swapnil and says that he has brought a cook for them. He calls Kashi. He says that both veg and non-veg food can be prepared in Kashi. He also says that Kashi is a little deaf. Kashi slightly removes her veil, it is revealed that Kashi is none other than Ishani. Ishani says she will take Rs 4000 to cook food for two people. Swapnil asks her to come from tomorrow. Ishani says she will start working from today itself. The shopkeeper praises him. Ishani goes to their room. He asks her to make tea for two people.

Ishani asks why two. He says his friend is in the washroom who will also have tea. Aniket comes out of the washroom. Ishani gives tea to Swapnil. He asks her to give another cup to Aniket. Ishani goes to give him tea. Aniket does not look at her. Ishani sees Shiva’s reflection in the mirror and gets shocked. Sumit comes there. Ishani thinks what is he doing there. Sumit tries to remove her veil. Ishani threatens him not to do so by showing a knife. Swapnil tells him about Kashi. Sumit says he wants to see her face as they cannot take the risk.

Swapnil says it is safe to keep Kashi as a maid as she is a bit deaf. He goes out for some work. Sumit keeps an eye on Ishani. Ishani thinks what is Aniket doing with Sumit. He fears that they might plot against Shiva. Kiran serves Shiv lemonade. Shiva says he needed it. Kiran asks Shiv if he still loves Ishani. Shiva says no. She asks him if he is misunderstanding her. Shiva says nothing like that. Kiran says she always wants the best for him. Bhupen comes there and informs both that he has arranged Shiva’s birthday party and Shiva has to celebrate it.

Shiv tries to say no. Kiran persuades him. Ishani keeps an eye on Sumit and Aniket. She decides to find out their ploy. Bhupen informs Meena that he is all set to execute his plan and asks her not to worry. He informs her that they will kidnap Shiva from his birthday party and bring Aniket home in his place. He says that they will take advantage of Aniket and get rid of him later. He says that only one of Shiva and Aniket will remain alive. Aniket talks like Shiva. Sumit praises her. Aniket asks him if he can talk to Ishani.

Sumit asks her to wait for some more days. He says that soon Aniket will replace Shiv. Ishani gets shocked. Ishani secretly records their conversation. Sumit went to her. Ishani hides the phone. Sumit asks Ishani to go home if she has cooked her food. Ishani leaves. She plans to alert Shiva. She fails to contact him. Pooja calls Ishani and informs her that she has come to the office. Pooja tells her that Shiva has gone to Bangalore. Ishani decides to confront Aniket. He tells Aniket that he is doing wrong. She tells him that Shiv loves Aniket unconditionally. She tells him how much Shiv and his family love and miss Aniket.

The episode ends.

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