Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2023 Written Update

Nidhi asks Shaurya if he trusts her, Shaurya standing up asks if Dad thinks that he is going to beg in front of him to come out of here or he is going to stay here then he is mistaken, Shaurya says he will call Rishab papa who will get him out. Nidhi asks why is he behaving like this because she thought he would free him just as they come but he listened to the reporters and did not get him released. Shaurya says that he feels Nidhi can do everything by herself, Nidhi does not understand when Shaurya says that if she goes to Rakhi Dadi and acts as if he is really tensed and crying then she would surely instruct him and he never disobeys her. Nidhi says that everyone in that house is trying to keep their relations alive and are not worrying about him, she asks if he trusts her assuring that he will free Shaurya from this place as they both are there for each other and not anyone else, she requests him to just try and adjust in this place tonight.

Nidhi walks out into the hall, she is standing in front of Preeta who is also on the other side, but she does not notice her and leaves. The constable takes Preeta to the cell where Shaurya is locked up, Preeta rests her head against the cell and notices that he is the same boy whom she blessed, Shaurya is also shocked to see her.
Rajveer thanks the inspector, palki brings his phone but he while tries to take it feels a shock, the lady constable seeing them both starts smiling. Palki also gets worried when Rajveer asks where is his aunt, Palki informs she is inside and will come out very soon, Rajveer panicking leaves to bring her. The lady constable mentions the boy is nice, palki tries to clarify that he is not her boyfriend, but she leaves.

Preeta is shocked to see Shaurya, the constable says that the bus which hit her was also sitting in it and is the aunt of the boy who filed the complaint against him. Shaurya asks if she is the aunt of that frustrated boy, Preeta replies he must calm down as Rajveer is very intelligent just like him and there is no need to be furious as it only harms oneself, Shaurya says that Rajveer filed the complaint because of her, to which the constable says that he is arrested because of his own mistakes and wrongdoings. Preeta requests for some time alone to explain something, she informs she just wanted to meet him so she can explain what he has done is wrong, she says no one is against him but just trying to make him realize his mistake, she says that the accident was really very dangerous. Shaurya request her to stop as he does not want to listen to her lecture as everyone is ready to give the instructions and even his father just gave him it, Shaurya turns back but stops and turning sees the smiling face of Preeta who has placed her hand against that of Shaurya, she calls him close to her asking him if he knows why his father was instructing him and she is also trying to explain, it is because they have lived the life more then him and want to explain that the cool attitude is not to run away after making mistakes but to accept it then everything would be sorted. She says that if just mends his ways and even his friends then he can achieve a lot just because of his hard work, Preeta asks if he would have been able to forgive himself if something happened to them or what if he injured himself. She keeps explaining how he must focus on his future and try to make his parents proud as he has a very good family and lifestyle. Shaurya is shocked asking if she is not angry with him when everyone else just kept scolding him, Preeta asks the reason explaining she feels he is just misguided and never wanted to harm them, there is always a chance to be forgiven if they make mistakes, everything can be sorted if he apologizes so it depends on them if they want to make their mistake a sin or to learn from it and move on with their lives.

Rajveer starts calling Preeta who gets stunned explaining she is going to leave but then she holding the hand of Shaurya asks him to take care of himself, she blesses that he never gets any problem in his life. Shaurya is moved by the words of Preeta and has a strange feeling, he sits down on the bench and is constantly touching the arm which Preeta touched.

Rajveer asks Preeta what was she talking with him, Preeta asks him to come as she has to talk about something important with him, Rajveer is shocked when Preeta explains she wants they should take back the complaint, Rajveer requests her to not think of anything like this, Preeta accepts he made a mistake but they all are fine by the grace of Bhagwan and if everything is sorted then what is the need to take someone’s curse, Preeta mentions that he is just a child, Rajveer replies he is not her child and should not be forgiven. Preeta accepts he is not her son but if he is marked as a criminal at this age then how is his life going to be in the future. Preeta feels he would mend his ways however Rajveer explains it is not a mistake but a sin so if they do not punish him then nothing can be sorted, he feels that Shaurya has not been raised properly and nothing would happen. Palki explains that nothing would happen if they took back the complaint as the inspector said he even raised his hand on them. Rajveer requests Palki to take his aunt as he has left something inside. Preeta is getting depressed leaves with palki.
Shaurya is sitting when Rajveer comes to the cell angrily yells his name, Shaurya says that there is no need to be so loud as it might happen where he lives but in their house they do not yell. Rajveer warns that Shaurya should not try to take advantage of his aunt as she is very innocent who just tries to see everyone happy, he says he does not know what Shaurya said to his aunt who was ready to take back the complaint hearing which Shaurya is stunned, Rajveer warns that if Shaurya even tries to harm his aunt then he has already seen what he can do when he is furious, Sandy asks Shaurya why is Rajveer behaving like this to which Shaurya explains that it is time for everyone to show them what he is capable off, he exclaims he hates the heroes.

The doctor informs Dadi to rest and even suggests Karaan should take the medicine timely. Mahesh and Rishab enter the room and ask what happened to which the doctor says Misses Luthra is not taking care of herself, Rishab offers to show the doctor his way, but he replies he will himself show him the way out. Rishab sitting down asks Dadi why does she not ask anyone for help and must take care of himself, Dadi says that she heard such a news after which she could not think clearly, Rishab questions what happened to which Karina informs that Shaurya got arrested. Mahesh asks where is Karan, they inform he has gone to the police station. Rishab leaves saying he will surely handle everything.

Palki is with Preeta who asks where is Rajveer, Preeta decides to go and call him, but Palki assures he will come out very soon, Preeta asks Rajveer why did it take him so long, he replies there were still some papers, but Preeta is sure something is wrong so asks the reason he went back inside, Rajveer replies he went to meet Shaurya. Preeta asks if he also thinks they should take back the complaint, he refuses explaining there is no point in having this conversation once again. Palki explains they should leave since the Taxi is waiting, Preeta sits in the car and Palki goes to the other side of the car when Rajveer opens the door for her, she thanks him before sitting in the car. Rajveer sits in the front seat of the car so they both keep looking each other through the mirror.

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