Kundali Bhagya 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta is taken to the hospital

Nine months have passed while the Luthra’s are still enjoying the morning. Dadi questions what took them so long, Mahesh says she should ask her grand son Karan because he does not like either the couch or bed, Shristhi coming explains this is why he is her favorite jiju, and she prays that no girl should ever get a husband like her, they al explain she might have mistaken in excitement but Kritika says that Preeta said the truth because if everyone is the best then how can she call him as the world best, Karan realizing it explains this is why Shristhi is his favorite. Kavya coming questions and who is she the favorite off, Rishab hugs her from behind mentioning that she is his favorite, Dadi asks Kavya to come to her as she is her favorite. Preeta coming from behind who is she the favorite off, she suddenly starts getting pain and screams from it, the entire family is shocked and they rush her to the hospital, Kritika explains to Kavya they are also going to visit their mother in the hospital.

The Luthra’s take Preeta to the hospital when she is really tensed however they all inform her everything is going to be fine, Rakhi also explains that she is always going to pray for her and the child, Karan express his feelings to her which the entire family hear, Preeta is taken inside when Shristhi starts coughing and Karan notices they all are staring at her, he says he was just expressing his feeling to his wife so is it a crime, Rishab coming mentions he should do it but needs to go and pray to Bhagwan that both Preeta je and the child are safe, Karan asks if Rishab thinks he is such a person, but after thinking for a moment Karan leaves, they all discuss that Karan would have surely gone to the Mandir, Mahesh explains to Rakhi that she is going to become the Grandmother for a second time.

Karan is running in the hospital when he bumps into Nidhi, she is shocked seeing him so asks if everything is fine, Karan replies he is pregnant hearing which Nidhi gets shocked however Karan explains Preeta is pregnant and he was with them the firs time so is really nervous, he asks what is Nidhi doing here when she tries to assure everything is fine, Karan noticing that Nidhi is standing in front of the ICU, goes to check through the window when he sees Anjali on the bed. Karan asks Nidhi if she was hiding Anjali from him, he goes to stand beside her and asks what happened, Nidhi informs Anjali got in an accident and is in coma, Karan is shocked to hear it. Nidhi says she does not want Karan to worry for them as Preeta needs him the most but he can come back after things are settled, Karan apologizes for not calling them in all these months, Nidhi replies that she would have lied even if he asked her, she instructs him to leave when Karan says she should call him if she needs any of his help, he holds the hand of Anjali before going to walk out of the room. Anjali starts waking up but Karan leaves.

Karina explains she is really nervous so is going to the Mandir, Mahesh says Karina should stop as if Karan sees her then he would run away, Rishab asks Rakhi what did she eat at the time of Karan since he has not left his childish behavior, Rakhi asks is this the time to joke, Mahesh questions and what about Rishab since he did not inform Bi jee.

Rishab apologizes to everyone mentioning he was about to call her but forgot about it, however he assures he is going to call her right now, Shristhi mentions this is why she really likes Rishab jee since he always takes the blame for anything wrong which they all do in this house, so she asks Rishab jee to call if he has decided it, when Rishab explains this is why she is his favorite. Rishab calls Bi jee informing they have brought Preeta to the hospital, Rakhi takes the phone from him and then even Bani Dadi takes the phone, she asks Bi jee to quickly as she is once again about to be the Great Grandmother, Bi jee assures she is coming, she after ending the call asks the auto driver to quickly take her to the city hospital threatening to not pay him if he drives slowly, he assures he would drive very fast.

Karan enters the mandir and mentions he would pray in a very different manner today so Bhagwan jee should forgive him and accept the prayers, he explains Bhagwan jee has been very generous to him otherwise who gets to live his life twice, he just prays that Preeta should not suffer any pain and Bhagwan jee can give him all of her pains but she must remain healthy and calm, he notices a women is standing at the entrance so is about to leave, he even prays that all the desires of the women should be accepted before leaving with the Parshad, Karan leaves after saying his goodbye.

Nidhi sitting beside Anjali prays that her younger sister should return as if she had known about her feelings then would have explained how Anjali should not love Arjun since he only cares for her as his friend, Nidhi replies she wants Anjali to wake up and see how well they are doing their business even when she knows Anjali would say how is it possible however she is surely going to inform that they are doing everything really well. Nidhi explains she has a very big new that they are returning to Canada where they started as the last time, they were going then she was happy as she felt she had gotten back her husband but it is not the same as she had to return everything with interest which has happened as she first lost Arjun and now even her sister Anjali.

Karan is waling in the hall when he meets Sameer who explains that everything is fine and Preeta Bhabhi has been shifted to the room while he is going to bring Bi jee.

Karan noticing the ICU, walks into it while Nidhi is crying, he says they both are best friends and she did not even think of informing him about the health condition of Anjali, he explains he knows her very well so makes her promise to call him if there is even something like this, Nidhi asks him to go because Preeta needs him, Karan asks Anjali to wake up as they all need her, he walks out of the room once again asking Nidhi to take care of herself, she sees Karan off before closing the door.

Anjali slowly starts to wake up and her fingers start moving a bit.

Preeta is experiencing extreme pain, the entire Luthra family is steading outside the room trying to hear, they start rejoicing after finally hearing the sound of cries, they all start explaining how they all have formed new relations, Kavya also asks what has she become when they informs she is now a sister, the doctor comes out and Karan immediately hugs her. She says she is going to break the news, she explains Preeta has given birth to twins hearing which they all get excited however she mentions but they both are very different from each other, Karan asks if they should meet Preeta and the children however the doctor refuses, explaining they have to wait for sometime and can distribute the sweets till that time.

The entire Luthra family starts dancing when Bi jee coming also congratulates them, they take her blessings and then start distributing the sweets to everyone present in the hospital.

Preeta is sitting on the bed when the nurse brings the twins to her, Preeta smiles seeing both of her sons and picks them in her arms, Karan is also smiling after entering the room.


Update Credit to: Sona

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