Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Nidhi picks her friend’s call. She tells her friend that she was busy with her family so she could not attend the call. Nidhi’s friend says that she is not understanding that how Nidhi is handling that huge family. Nidhi tells her that she love Karan and Shaurya love her more than his biological mother. She says that Shaurya is entry ticket of her to this house and no one can say anything to her because Shaurya is life of Luthras.

On the other hand, Mahi tells Palki that the latter is going to become rich soon. Palki teasingly asks her sister that if the latter is planning to steal money from the bank. She says that room is not neat and she starts cleaning it. Mahi tells her that the latter will get money by treating patients. Palki asks her to think about anything else than money. Mahi asks her sister about her boyfriends.

Palki tells her that she did not get time for that because she was busy with studies. She says that she can’t break her parents heart by involving in all that. And she also feels sometimes that, their father shows extra care towards her. She adds that she know they spend so much money for her studies and Mahi and their mother sacrificed many things. Mahi tells her that their mother says anything and their father takes care of everyone. She consoles her sister.

She asks her to make doctor friends at least. She says that Palki deserves a person who gets nervous in front of her. Palki recalls about Rajveer. Mahi notices Palki’s expression and asks her that who is that guy. Palki tells her it’s not like that. She informs her about Rajveer. She gets message from the hospital. She tells her sister that she has to join today and leaves the room.

Nidhi notices that vase has been broken and she comes downstairs and scolds Rakhi for that. Dadi comes there and asks that what happened. Nidhi says that Rakhi broke the vase while cleaning the house. She tells Rakhi that this is why she told her to not do any work. She scolds Girish for not keeping an eye on Rakhi. She threatens to cut his salary. Rakhi asks her to not do that. Nidhi tells her that she was just scaring Girish and leaves from there. Nidhi’s friend tells Nidhi that she also want a family like Luthras so she could treat them like how Nidhi is treating Luthras. Nidhi tells her that the latter need a person like Karan to get such a family.

Palki tells her father that she is going to hospital. Her father tells his wife to bring curd with sugar and he feeds that to Palki. Palki leaves from there. Mahi gets money to buy lipstick. Her mother says that Mahi will become a model soon. She leaves from there with Mahi.

Palki reaches the hospital. She meets Preeta there. She learns that Rajveer is not a doctor. She realises that she misunderstood everything. She apologizes to Preeta and gives medicine to her. Rajveer sees Palki and he wears doctor coat so she don’t scold him. Palki tells him that she know he is not a doctor.

Episode ends.

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