Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update: Shaurya wants to teach a lesson to Rajveer

Episode begins with Palki asks Rajveer to talk less and work more. She treats Preeta’s injury. Rajveer stares her ( Pehli baar song plays in the background ). She tells him that she treated Preeta and it will take time for Preeta to regain her consciousness. She goes to treat other passengers. She calls Rajveer. She reveals that she did not become doctor yet and she has doctor degree.

On the other hand, Shaurya stops his jeep and he notices scratch on it. He recalls that how Rajveer throw stone towards his jeep. He asks his friends that why they stopped him from teaching a lesson to Rajveer. They says that they did wrong by overtaking the bus. Shaurya oppposes them and says that he won’t spare Rajveer if he saw him again then. He picks Nidhi’s call and tells her that he did not reach the farm house yet due to an accident. Nidhi understands that he caused accident and she tells about it to him. He tells her that she is really smart and disconnects the call. She tells herself that she is smart that’s why she made him smart.

Rajveer tries to go to Preeta but Palki stops him and asks him to help her to treat other passengers. He refuses to help her. Preeta regains her consciousness and she tells Rajveer to help Palki. She assures him that she is fine. Rajveer goes to Palki. Preeta talks to the kid, whom she saved in the bus.

Palki tells Rajveer to treat passenger’s leg injury. She notices that Rajveer did not clean the injury and she scolds him for that. She tells him that she know he is angry at her. She says that Rajveer has to learn to become good doctor and she is not understanding who gave him doctor degree. Rajveer tells her that he passed the exams by copying and goes to Preeta. Preeta tells him that she heard everything. She asks him to clear Palki’s misunderstanding. He tells her that Palki is not letting him talk. She smiles. They get in another bus to reach Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Karan enters the house. Rakhi tells him that he don’t know what’s happening in the house and he don’t care about it too. He tells her that he has to attend an important call so they can talk later. She tells him that she want to talk about Nidhi and Shaurya. She says that Shaurya is going on wrong path and Nidhi is not stopping Shaurya. She asks him to control Shaurya. He tells her to handle Nidhi and goes inside.

Dadi overhears their conversation. She tells Rakhi that Karan is not interested in house matters after Preeta’s death. Karan hears her and goes upstairs. Rakhi tells Dadi that she is not understanding that Karan hates Preeta or he miss Preeta. Karan thinks that he is angry at Preeta and he will fight with her for leaving him. On the other hand, Preeta and Rajveer reaches Mumbai. Preeta thinks that this city looks familiar. And she wants Rajveer’s dreams to get fulfilled.

Episode ends.

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