Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update: Rajveer worries seeing Preeta’s condition

Episode begins with Rakhi tells Kareena that she felt like something bad is going to happen with her loved one. Kareena asks her to not take tension. On the other hand, Preeta tells Rajveer to stop the marriage. Srishti comes there and she gets worried seeing Preeta’s condition. Preeta loses her consciousness. Vipin calls the doctor on Srishti’s behest. Rajveer takes Preeta from there. Srishti asks them that what happened. Bride’s mother, Preeta tried to stop the marriage and they thought Preeta is mad. Bride’s father says that Preeta behaved like mad and they did not push Preeta intentionally. Srishti slaps him. She warns them to not try harm Preeta. She says that Preeta is right because marriage is curse and leaves from there.

Rajveer and Srishti takes Preeta for hospital. Srishti tells Rajveer that it’s good to see him getting worry about Preeta. And he should take care of Preeta always. They reaches the hospital. Preeta takes Karan’s name.

Meanwhile, Karan and Rishabh is about to meet with an accident but escapes. Rishabh asks Karan that if the latter is fine. Karan tells him that Preeta called him. Rishabh tells him that he will drive and they are returning home. Karan tells him that they have to attend the meeting. Rishabh cancels the meeting. He asks Karan to relax and drives the car.

Rajveer requests doctor to save Preeta. Doctor asks him that what happened. He tells her everything. Doctor assumes Rajveer as Preeta’s son. She assures him that nothing will happen to his mother.

Rakhi learns about Karan’s headache. She asks Karan to not take tension for small things. Nidhi asks her to not disturb Karan by talking. She tells Girish to bring Karan’s medicine. Rishabh tells Nidhi that he want to talk to her. Rakhi understands that Rishabh is going to scold Nidhi so she sends him from there.

Karan hallucinates Preeta. She applies balm on his head and she carress his head. He tells her that his headache is gone. He comes to reality hearing Nidhi’s voice. Nidhi tells Rakhi to leave saying that she will give medicine to Karan. Karan asks her to stop talking. Rakhi gets permission from Nidhi to bring haldi milk for Karan and leaves from there. Nidhi scolds Girish for bringing the wrong medicine. She goes to bring the medicine.

In the hospital, Srishti asks Rajveer that why he is crying like this. She says that she never saw him like this. Rajveer tells her that he can’t see Preeta like this. And he can feel Preeta’s pain. He says that he won’t spare them. She scolds him for talking like that. He says that he gets shattered when something happens with Preeta. She thinks that he is feeling like this because he is Preeta’s son. Doctor tells them that Preeta lost lot of blood so she will arrange it.

Episode ends.

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