Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta tries to stop the wedding

Shristhi is in the kitchen when she hears Rajveer saying her son is the best, Preeta walking down the stairs explains she thought he came back when h says she would really praise him after finding about the news, Preeta explains he got the job, Rajveer sitting down explains she will be glad to know what happened, he explains they asked him what does he have that they should hire him, he replied he knows they desire someone like him because he has studied their company really well so know in which positions they require his service, Preeta is glad so asks him to first eat the sweets as they are his favorite, Rajveer informs he gave them three to four advices after which they were not able to say anything else, Shristhi asks then what happened when Preeta replies he already said that they were not able to say anything else, Rajveer standing explains that he feels Preeta is his real mother while Shristhi is the stupid mother. Rajveer is standing when his friends enter the house, Shristhi starts slapping them when Preeta explains now Rajveer would not come with them since he has gotten a job, they both explain only Rajveer is among them who has taken his life seriously while they were just busy in enjoying or drinking rum, Preeta and Shristhi are shocked when they explain they have to party today, one of them explains but today he is getting married, Shristhi gets a little tensed as they all are joking that today is the last day of his bachelor life.

Rajveer explains he has to do some research so would join them later, they both turn to leave when Shristhi stops Bipin explaining he knows that Preeta di gets ill due to high music voice when Bipin assures it is nothing to be worried about, Shristhi informs he was just calling her Aunti when she has always instructed him to not call with that name, Shristhi prays that this night should pass without any problem.

Rajveer in the wedding notices an elder person trying his best to climb on the stage so he goes to help him, a parent asks Bipin who is the person serving the drinks as they feel that he has gotten very nice teachings from his parents, Bipin explains that Rajveer is like his brother, the guest ask where is his mother when they are informed that she has not arrived however both his mother and aunt are very nice people.

The songs start in the wedding while Bipin is sitting with his bride on the stage, Rajveer sits in between of them both requesting them to come on the dance floor, he starts the performance to further the enlighten the function, Rajveer is dancing with all the guests ensuring they all enjoy the function, Rajveer even distributes the sweets among the guests, they all are shocked when the music is stopped so ask what has happened, the DJ explains it will take some time to fix the problem however they say that they would dance on the drum beaters. Preeta is drinking water when she hears the sound of the drum beaters so starts remembering the night when she met with the accident, she starts panicking so rushes to close all of the windows meanwhile Rajveer is enjoying the wedding.

Preeta starts getting a severe headache while remembering the night when Karina ordered her to leave their family because she was neither able to become a good mother or wife to Karan. Rajveer is still enjoying in the wedding while Preeta picks the white cloth and opens the door to rush out of the house.

A child falls in the function, Rajveer immediately runs to help her and asks what happened, he questions where is her mother and so starts taking her there but doesnot notice that something has fallen from his pocket.

Preeta entering the function requests them all to stop the drums but they donot listen, she then throws the sticks and even pushes the music system, she explains she has come to stop them and warns them to not go ahead with this wedding when the lady explains that today is the wedding of her daughter, Bipin explains she is the aunt of his friend when they question then is she going to say whatever she desires, Preeta requests the bride to come with her meanwhile the entire family is trying to stop her but Preeta insists she is not going to go away until the wedding is stopped, they start pushing Preeta out of the function while she is requesting that they stop this function, they throw Preeta and she this her head against the chair when they blame that Preeta has lost her mind and even wonder who lets such people enter the wedding. Preeta says she is going to leave but before that they should ask the bride to leave, the father of the bride slaps Preeta, Rajveer is shocked witnessing it and warns them to not even touch her aunt, he helps Preeta just s she is about to fall, she keeps staring him in the eye and she even starts crying, Preeta informs Rajveer that they have beaten her, Rajveer angrily stares at them and he calls Gautham, instructing him to take care of his aunt. Rajveer corrects a chair while helping Preeta sit on it, he is about to walk ahead but Preeta stops him explaining that he should not let this marriage happen as they are going to ruin the life of the girl, she pleads with him to not let these people destroy her life, the men threaten to raise their hand if she even takes a step ahead but they do not listen, Preeta requests the to not beat her as she is just helping the girl, Rajveer shields Preeta and then angrily blocks all of the sticks, he manages to push them all away. The ladies question why he is defending the women when she is mentally unstable, Rajveer angrily says she is his aunt. Someone hits Preeta in the head, Rajveer is shocked to see the blood flowing from her head, he angrily starts beating the person. Gautham also helps Rajveer fight everyone, Bipin also walks down the stage.

Rajveer is beating everyone by himself because they tried to hit his aunt, he is alone but this doensot stop him from defending himself and he even pushes one of the person’s head in the trumpet, Preeta tries to walk but she once again stumbles and hits her head, Preeta gets unconscious so Rajveer along with Gautham and Bipin rush to help her.

Rakhi is walking to the Mandir when she suddenly stumbles, Karina rushes to help her and even Nidhi calls her, she asks how the Thali fell and questions why she does the housework because Rakhi already makes a lot of mistakes because they have servants who can do things better than her, she explains they all love her when Karina whispers this is her way of showing affection. Nidhi asks why she do so much work and make things worse, she asks if Rakhi maa really thinks that she has ruined everything, she calls Garesh and Bahadur questioning why do they let Maa do all these chores, Karina exclaims Nidhi is very clever as she indirectly asked Rakhi to let her handle everything, she explains she would have said a lot to her but is quiet because Karan considers her as his friend and Shaurya also thinks she is his mother. Rakhi stops Karina explaining how she is feeling something very wrong is about to happen with someone who is very close to her, she is very tensed.


Update Credit to: Sona

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