Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update: Karan and Rishabh go to Gurpreet’s house

The Episode starts with Rajveer repairing the scooter. Palki and her father get happy seeing this. Mohit comes there and says that he already asked them to change the scooter. Palki’s father tells Mohit that Rajveer repairs scooters. Mohit takes the scooter to buy salt. Palki’s mother comes there and complains that she is not able to move the sofa and the room is full of Palki’s huge books and she cannot arrange them. Rajveer tells her that he can help her if she doesn’t have any problem. Palki’s father introduces Rajveer to his wife.

Palki’s mother takes Rajveer to her home. Mahi is shocked to see Rajveer. Palki tells Mahi about Rajveer. Palki’s father tells Rajveer that he will help her. Palki and Mahi also help Rajveer. Mahi asks Palki why didn’t she tell her that Rajveer looks handsome. She says Palki was with Rajveer last night. Elsewhere, Karan and Rishabh reach Gurpreet’s house. Karan rang the door bell.

Mahi asks Palki what happened between Rajveer and Rajveer. Palki asks him to stop talking nonsense. His mother scolds Palki. She asks him to take care of Mahi. Mahi asks Palki not to stress her. Palki’s mother asks them not to fight and leaves from there. Mahi tells Palki that she is now sure that Palki is an adopted child. Palki tells him that the latter is younger so his mother shows extra love towards Mahi. Mahi asks him what really happened last night. Palki tells how she helped Preeta. Mahi tells him that it seems like Rajveer is a bad boy. She advises her to stay away from Rajveer.

Palki’s mother asks her husband to repair the water tap in the kitchen. Rajveer tells her that he will do so. She goes to the kitchen. Palki drops the pillow. Rajveer takes it and gives it to her. They share an eye lock. He goes to the kitchen. Mahi notices. She takes the palanquin to the room. She asks him if Rajveer is a bad person. Palki explains everything.

Mahi says Rajveer is smart, handsome and cute so if Palki likes him. Palki tells him that she just wants to focus on her career. She says that her father has high hopes from her and she wants to become a good doctor. Mahi tells him that she likes Rajveer a lot. Palki tells her that it is just that Rajveer has a good face and it is not necessary that he is good at heart. Mahi tells him that she is not dating anyone these days and leaves the house. He notices Karan’s car. She takes selfie standing near the car.

Gurpreet opens the door. She misunderstands that Karan and Rishabh are talking about Mohit and welcomes them. She assumes that they are from the campus. She tells them that her son had gone to buy salt and she goes to the kitchen. Rishab goes out to take the call. Preeta’s dupatta falls on Karan. He feels her presence and he calls her name. Meanwhile, Preeta feels someone calling her (Sajda song plays in the background).

Episode Ends.

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