Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadi and Shahana noticing Rhea and Ranbir going to the clinic. Akshay comes there to take Prachi’s medicine. He asks Dadi to make sure Prachi takes an energy booster too. Dadi agrees. He asks Shahana to finish her work too. Shahana says it’s far from here so I will finish it later. They return home. Akshay goes to tell bye to Prachi. Shahana says to Dadi, she will go and give tablets to Prachi. Dadi says Akshay went to meet Prachi so you can go once he leaves. Shahana says to Dadi ‘She wishes Prachi to move on with Akshay as it’s visible that Ranbir moved on in his life.’

Rhea makes Ranbir take his tablets. He says she is believing like a kid. He asks her if he can sleep. Rhea says good night and leaves. Akshay meets Prachi and says good night. Prachi thanks him. Akshay says he can do anything for her. Prachi looks on. He leaves. Prachi and Ranbir couldn’t sleep recalling the lift incident.

Dadi closes the door once Akshay leaves. Shahana asks why Prachi is not accepting Akshay. Dadi says Akshay is good but Prachi is unable to move on from Ranbir’s love and she felt hurt seeing Rhea and Ranbir at the party. Prachi comes there. Shahana and Dadi try to convince Prachi to move on with Akshay and forget about Ranbir. They tell her how they felt bad seeing Ranbir and Rhea as a couple. Prachi asks them to stop it and says she doesn’t have any feelings for Akshay. Daljeet asks her to stop living in hope that Ranbir returns to her and says she needs a life partner in life. Prachi says she stays alone and leaves. Dadi tries to stop Prachi but Prachi leaves. Dadi gets hurt. Shahana holds Dadi and asks if she is fine. Dadi says she is fine and prays to god to give happiness to Prachi.

Daljeet says to Ranbir that Prachi and Akshay have got together and asks Ranbir why can’t he understand this? Ranbir says he doesn’t know what Prachi wants and what he wants. He says he needs some space and leaves. Dida says Pallsvi used to say Prachi is eating this house’s happiness and now I feel it’s correct.

Ranbir comes out. He thinks his and Prachi’s fate is bad that’s why their talk remains incomplete. He starts his car and leaves. On another side, Prachi walks alone on the road while recalling everything in tears. She collapses on the road in tears. Khushi comes there. She cries seeing Prachi’s state. She wipes her tears. Prachi hugs her.

Shahana asks Dadi to stay strong for them. Dadi says she is crying as she is unable to see pain of Prachi. Shahana cries with her. Dadi says they have to reduce Prachi’s pain by making her get what she likes. They decide to become Prachi’s strength. Dadi prays to god to give happiness to Prachi.

Khushi says to Prachi that she wants to scold her for sitting on the road but she is unable to do it seeing her in tears. Khushi makes Prachi feel better with her words. Prachi thinks Khushi is the only one who can comfort her heart. Prachi thinks of Khushi as her child. Prachi thinks if Khushi is with her she doesn’t need even Ranbir.

Khushi hears the ice cream guy ringing his bell and says to Prachi that this guy makes the best ice cream. Prachi says she wants to eat that ice cream. Khushi says she doesn’t have any money. Prachi says she has money and they both go to eat the ice cream.

Ranbir prays to God to stop playing games with him and says he can’t stand this pain. Ranbir recalls how he felt when Prachi hugged him in the lift. Ranbir thinks about where should he go to relieve his pain and get some comfort. Ranbir hears an ice cream guy promoting and hears Khushi’s name. Ranbir decides to buy Khushi some ice cream and go to her. Ranbir asks the ice cream guy to pack the chocolate flavour ice cream for his Khushi. The ice cream wala agrees.

Episode ends.

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