Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Shahana asking Prachi to forget about Ranbir and move on with Akshay. Prachi says you said you know about me but you’re talking in this way. She ousts Shahana from her room and locks the door. Shahana asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi cries badly recalling Daljeet’s announcement of Ranbir-Rhea’s marriage.

On the other hand, Ranbir says to Rhea that if he said the same thing to family members then they feel he is doing it for Prachi and you said Prachi is happy and she is moving on in her life too. Rhea says our relationship is good and I want to maintain it that way. She takes Ranbir to the hall. She calls family members to the hall. Everyone comes to the hall. Pallavi asks Rhea what happened. Rhea says I love you guys but I can’t marry Ranbir. Daljeet and her sister get shocked. They ask Rhea why she is backing out and ask if anyone said anything to her.

Daljeet asks if Ranbir and Pallavi forced her. Rhea says no one forced me. Badi Dadi asks Rhea to not talk and says they will get her married to Ranbir and no one can force her including Pallavi. Rhea says it’s my decision and there is no involvement of Pallavi aunty in it. Daljeet says Pallavi may convey it to you indirectly. Rhea says it’s correct and lets Ranbir decide what he wants. Bad Dadi asks what’s her decision. Rhea says she is not ready to marry Ranbir and leaves. Aryan thinks Rhea becomes sensible. Daljeet and Badi Dadi ask Pallavi if she achieved what she wants. Pallavi says Rhea understood it unlike you guys and I’m grateful to her.

Akshay couldn’t sleep recalling his love confession to Prachi. Ashok comes there and asks Akshay why he is roaming restlessly. Akshay says Prachi is avoiding me after the proposal and she might be angry with me. Ashok asks him to stop his imagination. He encourages him to think positively. Akshay agrees and tells him that Rhea is a sister of Prachi and going to marry Ranbir. Ashok says he knows. Akshay says I wish Prachi will accept my proposal as her sister likes me. Ashok says she will accept your proposal as you’re my son.

Shahana comes to Dadi in tears and tells her about Prachi’s state. Dadi says Prachi doesn’t want to listen to us. Shahana and Dadi discuss Akshay is a better partner for Prachi.

Rhea asks Daljeet and Badi Dadi ‘what they are doing in her room?’ Daljeet and Badi Dadi question Rhea why doesn’t she want to marry Ranbir as they thought she loves Ranbir. Rhea says to Daljeet and Badi Dadi that she loves everyone in this house and says she has relation with this house. Rhea asks Daljeet and Badi Dadi to leave the things the way they are. Daljeet says to Rhea that if Prachi enters into Ranbir’s life again then she has to suffer again what she has suffered before. Rhea says that’s the reason and says she doesn’t want to be like the old Rhea where there is only ego and betrayal. Rhea says if Ranbir wants Prachi then it is his choice and vice versa. Ranbir overhears what Rhea said to Daljeet and Badi Dadi.

Episode ends.

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