Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update: Rhea and Prachi’s emotional reunion

The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Prachi that he has something important to tell her. Prachi asks him to not say and says she doesn’t want to listen to anything. She tries to leave. Ranbir stops her by holding her hand. Dida, Prachi, Vikram, and Priya witness it. Ranbir says you need to know this matter. He sees Rhea entering the party. Rhea and Badi Dadi come there. Rhea and Prachi feel emotional seeing each other. They recall their past moments. Prachi runs to hug Rhea. Both feel emotional.

Pallavi, Dida, and Vikram meet Badi Dadi. Badi Dadi asks if Prachi is alive. Pallavi says Prachi is alive. Badi Dadi asks why Prachi didn’t inform them that she is alive. Pallavi says she will come and leaves.

Akshay feels confused. Akshay asks Ranbir who is the one that hugged Prachi? Ranbir says it is Rhea Prachi’s sister. He asks if he didn’t know. Akshay says he doesn’t know. Pallavi comes and tells Akshay that Rhea and Ranbir are going to get married. Ranbir looks on. Akshay says now I understood why Prachi helped you and you guys are a family. Ranbir says yes

Rhea says to Prachi that she is still unable to believe that she met her. She takes her to the room and tells her how much she missed her and how she prayed for her return. She apologizes to Prachi for her past mistake. She shows Prachi’s photo frame to Prachi and tells her that she used to sleep hugging her photo. Rhea asks why she didn’t come for her as she is her family. Prachi says I wanted to come for you but I couldn’t. She apologises to Rhea and hugs her. Ranbir sees them.

Badi Dadi tells Dida that she likes Rhea so much. Dida says Rhea is an angel for us in the last 5 years and she saved you and Pallavi too and helped us in tough times. Badi Dadi calls Vikram and tells him to not let Prachi’s entry kill the house’s peace and house. Pallavi comes there and asks them to not stress over it as nothing is in our hands and it’s good if we leave everything to destiny. She leaves and asks the waiter to arrange the cake. Badi Dadi asks how Pallavi changed so much. Vikram says she learned lessons from her experience.

Khushi searches for Ranbir. Prachi asks Rhea to not cry. Rhea says these are happy tears. She says she won’t let her leave again. Prachi says I won’t leave and will give you the love you deserve. Rhea agrees. She sees Ranbir and calls him inside. He asks why she didn’t wish him at midnight in the night as she does every time. Rhea says I didn’t due to Badi Dadi’s health but now I’m wishing you directly. Prachi feels awkward and leaves. Rhea says this year’s birthday is memorable for her as Prachi is back. She says she wants to spend time with her sister. Khushi comes to Ranbir. Rhea asks who’s she. Ranbir introduces Khushi to Rhea and Rhea to Khushi. Khushi says she has to help her mother and leaves. Rhea says Khushi is lovely and wishes I had a daughter like her. Ranbir says he will be back and leaves.

Akshay sees himself in the mirror and thinks he has an amazing personality but why is he failing to propose to Prachi? He encourages himself to propose to Prachi again with confidence. Ranbir sees Akshay’s practice and goes to him. Akshay says to Ranbir that he is nervous. Ranbir says to Akshay about his proposals to the hot happening girl and his Chik Chiki. He says my Chik Chiki agreed to my proposal seeing my true feelings. Akshay says to Ranbir that he wants to meet his love if she is present at the party.

Episode ends.

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