Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update: Prachi comes to Ranbir’s birthday party

The episode starts with Ranbir sharing the good news with his family. Aryan asks Ranbir why didn’t he share the good news before? Ranbir says he was about to tell them but they gave him a surprise. Ranbir also shares another good news that Khushi is going to come to their party. All the family feels happy hearing this.

At the party, Pallavi shares the good news with Vikram that Ranbir got a lot of financers for his project and he entered into a partnership with a big company. Vikram feels happy hearing this. Pallavi thinks their good time has come.

Akshay asks Prachi why is she silent all day? Prachi says there is nothing like that. Akshay comments on Prachi’s behaviour. Akshay says to Prachi that they are going to Ranbir’s house but Prachi doesn’t hear what Akshay said as Prachi is on the phone with Priya about her work. Prachi goes into Ranbir’s house while talking on the phone with Priya and she doesn’t even realise she is in Ranbir’s house.

Pallavi sees Khushi at the party. She smiles. Vikram sees Pallavi and praises her smile. Pallavi says Khushi brought this smile to my face. She takes Vikram to Khushi and introduces Vikram to Khushi and Khushi to Vikram. Laali comes there and tells Khushi that she doesn’t know where she has to place the remaining flowers. Khushi introduces Ranbir’s parents to Laali. Pallavi says I will show you the place. Laali talks to Khushi. Vikram says to Pallavi that Khushi is looming like their Ranbir. She asks him to stop it and takes Khushi and Laali to show the place where they have to decorate.

Ranbir enters the party. He feels happy seeing Khushi. Khushi wishes him a happy birthday by giving him flowers. Khushi asks Ranbir to read the predicted message. Ranbir reads today you will meet your love. Ranbir asks why she always gives him chit related to love. Khushi says you’re good like my Parvati. Ranbir thinks about Prachi. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he came. Ranbir says yes and he says he will show their house to Khushi. Laali asks Khushi to go. They leave. Laali thinks Ranbir is rich too. She thinks to know who’s richer from Prachi and Ranbir to make them adopt Khushi.

Prachi and Akshay enter the party. Akshay asks Prachi to end the call. Prachi ends the call and sees it’s Ranbir’s party. Ranbir and Prachi walk toward each other. Prachi wishes a happy birthday to Ranbir. Ranbir asks for the kiss. Prachi kisses on Ranbir’s cheek. Akshay calls Ranbir. Ranbir comes out from his imagination. Khushi runs to Prachi and happily hugs her.

Prachi asks how she is here. Khushi says I’m here for work and I remembered you and your here. Akshay asks Prachi to wish Ranbir. Prachi wishes him a happy birthday. Ranbir thanks her. Prachi says she came thinking it was a collaboration party. Akshay introduces himself to Vikram and then he introduces Prachi to Vikram. Prachi feels emotional and leaves from there. Ranbir introduces Akshay to Vikram.

Prachi controls her emotions. Pallavi comes to Prachi and asks how is she. Prachi says she is fine. She is about to leave Pallavi stops her and says 7 years are long and it’s good to see you fine. Prachi asks how’s she. Pallavi says we are still there where you left us but don’t know if im the same or not. She says we never have a good relationship and I felt it when you left the temple seeing me and thanks for arranging puja for Ranbir.

Prachi says she does it for family members. Pallavi advises Prachi to move on and says they moved on. Prachi says she moved on too. Pallavi says good and what are you searching. Prachi says she is searching the washroom. Pallavi says you know where it’s. Prachi leaves. Pallavi thinks to talk to Prachi later about Khushi.

Episode ends.

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