Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Khushi asking Balbir to leave her. Balbir refuses. Khushi bites him. Balbir threatens her. The people of the colony ask Balbir to release Khushi. Balbir warns her not to get involved in his family matter. Lali comes out and asks Balbir to leave Khushi. Laali tries to stop him, but he pushes her away and gets off in his auto. Lali runs in front of the auto with a knife. She threatens to expose all his crimes to the police if he does not spare Khushi. Balbir asks if she is threatening him. Lali attacks him with a knife. Balbir warns her that he will not leave her and leaves. Lali asks Khushi if she is the one. Khushi says she is fine and asks if she is fine. Lali says I am made of stone, nothing can harm me. Lali scolds the people of the colony for not helping her.

Next day Prachi has a dream that Khushi is saying that God is sending her to him again and she apologizes to him for not uniting them earlier. Prachi jumps with joy. Dadi comes there with tea. Prachi tells Dadi about her dream. Grandma smiled. She asks him to have tea. Prachi says no, I have to prepare DD in bank then I can bring Khushi home. She leaves. Dadi feels that Prachi needs a partner along with Khushi who can support her.

Khushi tells Prachi and Ranbir that they will be together. Ranbir gets happy seeing Prachi and Khushi. Ranbir wakes up from his dream and sees Riya. He asks her who came. Rhea asks who came. Ranbir knows this is his dream. Rhea asks how is his pain. Ranbir says it has subsided and I am also going to office so don’t stop me as I need to finish important project. Riya prepares clothes for Ranbir.

Prachi goes to Lali’s house. She sees Lali hurt and asks what happened. Lali says you know who can do this so leave it. Prachi gives him a check and asks where is Khushi. Lali says Khushi will come in a while and till then I will give Khushi clothes, a locket and toys. Prachi thinks about the locket which she had given to Panchhi. Lali takes out Khushi’s locket and decides to give it to Prachi.

On the other side, Khushi reaches the temple. He learns that she had forgotten the money to buy puja items for the Lord. She decides to return home. She tries to cross the road. Ranbir sees Khushi and stops her. He asks why is she crossing the road without looking at the side. He says he is angry and scolds her. Khushi smiles and says she likes her and Parvati’s scolding too and if I have power then I can keep you guys so that I can be with you. She thinks that this will not happen. Khushi asks why is he not coming to meet her like before. Ranbir says I had brought ice cream but saw you are enjoying with Prachi so left. He asks why did she attend his call. Khushi says it broke. Ranbir says he has a spare phone and saves her number and gifts it to her. Khushi thanks him. Ranbir says I like you. Khushi says I love you and hugs her. Ranbir gets emotional. Khushi tells him that he has to go before the temple closes as today is an eclipse. Ranbir says okay. Khushi leaves.

Khushi bumps into her colony’s neighbor. Colony’s neighbors ask where she is going. Khushi says she is going to the temple to pray for Lalo, Prachi and Ranbir. The lady in the colony asks why is she going in the opposite direction. Khushi says she forgot the money at home. The lady of the colony gives him money. Khushi and the daughter of the colony lady go to the temple. Balbir’s friends see Khushi near the temple.

Later Balbir’s friends meet Balbir. Balbir complains to his friends about Lali selling Khushi to Prachi for Rs 10 lakh and that Lali is not giving him any money. Hearing this his friends suggest to Balbir that they can kidnap Khushi and sell her for money, they also say that they saw Khushi in Mata Rani temple. Balbir agrees to their suggestion and leaves the bar with his friends.

Khushi prays to bring Prachi and Ranbir together. When Khushi hears the bell ringing, she realizes that Mata Rani has accepted her request and tells her friend about it.

Episode ends.

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