Kismat Ki Lakiro Se: Kirti delivers first child amidst fallout with Varun and Shraddha; Actress Sumati Singh REVEALS if baby’s arrival will mend her relationships

MUMBAI :Shemaroo Umang’s acclaimed family drama Kismat Ki Lakiro Se is about to embark on a captivating storyline that promises to take viewers on a rollercoaster journey. The upcoming track will revolve around Kirti (played by Sumati Singh) delivering her first child amid her fallout with her estranged husband, Varun (Varun Vijay Sharma), and sister Shraddha (Shaily Priya). Yes! Kriti will embrace motherhood amidst growing tensions in her relationships. As the new member arrives, it would be interesting to see if Varun and Shraddha welcome the new-born with open arms. Also, will Kirti put her issues on the back burner and work on repairing her strained relationships with Varun and Shraddha?

Spilling the beans about the upcoming track, actress Sumati Singh said, “Amidst all the tensions, there’s finally good news as Kirti is now a mother. The arrival of a new-born will certainly add a whole new layer of complexity and drama to the storyline. The introduction of the new member will shake things up, and the ripple effects will be felt throughout the relationships and dynamics between the characters. However, to know how Kirti, Varun, and Shraddha’s life changes, viewers will have to watch Kismat Ki Lakiro Se on Shemaroo Umang. But one thing is certain, entertainment!”


The young actress is all set to play a mother onscreen for the first time and is excited and nervous in equal parts. “As an actress, I’ve always been drawn to challenging and complex roles, and portraying a mother onscreen for the first time has been an incredibly enriching experience. The role has allowed me to delve into a whole new level of emotion and depth, exploring the complexities and joys of motherhood in a raw and relatable way. It’s been a fulfilling journey, and I’m grateful to Shemaroo Umang for the opportunity to bring this character to life. I hope that the viewers will be able to connect with her story.”

As the storyline unfolds, viewers can expect to be moved by the dynamic relationships between the characters and the emotional trials and tribulations that they encounter. With a strong focus on the power of love and family, the upcoming track Kismat Ki Lakiro Se is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Starring Shaily Priya, Abhishek Pathania, Sumati Singh, and Varun Vijay Sharma, the show revolves around two sisters, Shraddha and Kirti with contrasting personalities, who face various ups and downs in their lives as fate plays a major role in their destinies. Don’t miss out on an entertaining – storyline – tune in to Shemaroo Umang and watch Kismat Ki Lakiro Se every Monday to Saturday at 8 PM.


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