Katha Ankahee 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Neerja asking Aarav to sleep but the latter asks where Katha is also says how can he sleep when the baby is due. Katha returns home. Aarav questions her whether his little brother born yet or not. Katha tells him, God has fulfilled his wish. Aarav gets happy then goes to bring his old toys for the baby also suggests to buy new toys also. Katha agrees. Neerja questions Katha about her date with Viaan. Katha tells her it’s not a date also says she received a call from Kavita so she left. Neerja gets upset. Aarav instructs Falguniben to cook him food whatever he asks him to. He then asks Katha to take him to meet his new born cousin. He shares his plan with his brother. Katha promises to take him to meet his cousin and aunt the next day. She also asks him to make a card for Reet which will make her happy. Aarav happily obliges.

The next day, Katha and Aarav goes to meet Reet and the new born baby. Aarav becomes speechless seeing Yuvraj’s love and care for his child. Yuvraj sings a song for the baby also says they are going to be a team. He then makes Aarav hold the baby. Here, Ehsan asks Viaan why did he left him. Viaan tells him, he could not able to find him so he left. He also tells that he went to the hospital after learning Katha was there thinking she must be in trouble or something but her sister in law is pregnant and delivered a boy baby. Ehsan asks Viaan whether he talked to Katha about his feelings. Viaan says no. Ehsan gets shocked and asks him why he didn’t saying he would have done it. Viaan laughs saying it’s not that easy. Ehsan gets upset how earlier he interrupted Viaan from confessing his feelings to Katha then the Garewal’s. Viaan says it’s not just that and tells him about Katha’s conversation with him about her life with Aditya and Aarav also how he don’t stand a chance.

Here, Aarav gets emotional seeing the album filled with photos of him with both his parents. Katha questions him the reason behind him seeing the photos. Aarav expresses his pain of not having his father with him. He also painfully expresses how he will never have a bond with his father. Katha also gets emotional but she promises to give him a glimpses of how his life would have been if Aditya was alive. Aarav cries and tells that he wish Aditya was here. Katha hugs him saying even she wishes the same and gets teary eyed. Meanwhile Viaan tells Ehsan if he tries to take Aditya’s place in Katha’s heart then he will definitely fail.

Katha tells Neerja how she always tried to fulfill all the needs of Aarav. But today she realised that she can never able to fulfill the void in Aarav’s life because of Aditya was not being here for him also how Aarav is longing for a father love. Here, Ehsan tells Viaan that he should propose Katha also expresses his worry about Aarav who troubled him a lot. He warns Viaan about Aarav. Viaan realises that he has to become a father for Aarav because Katha must be scared if she falls for someone her son may not accept. He further adds that he will show Katha that he can be a good father. Ehsan gets confused and says both of them have no prior experience about how to act as a father though. They both then looks on.

Precap: Viaan invites Katha to the puja. Katha agrees. Kavita informs Yuvraj about Teji conducting the puja also decides to attend it as a family. Later, the Garewal’s meets Teji. They all gets shocked when they sees Katha walking beside Viaan while the latter is carrying something.

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