Katha Ankahee 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan and Katha return to Mumbai.

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Viaan asks Katha how she managed everything alone, her son’s illness and the treatment would have been hard. It was but Katha couldn’t give up, the thought of it being impossible never occurred to her. Katha wasn’t alone, has Aarav army, Falguni was there to help her and Aarav. Then came Dodo, like an angle, a blessing in disguise. At first, she was just Aarav’s donor than became a family member especially Aarav’s joke partner. Viaan questions the name Dodo, Katha tells it means Doctor Donor, Aarav gave her that name. Her real name is Neerja, she has two sons in USA who calls her often, but Aarav doesn’t let her go. Viaan adores how a stranger became a family member, for Katha anyone who carry a relationship is family irrespective of common blood or not. Katha thinks that one should not give hope on making or carrying relationship. They receive networks. Katha receives Ehsan calls who complains about the unpicked calls the delayed trip. Katha told Ehsan about the car mishap and night stay, due to lack of signals she wasn’t able to contact but informed her family, asked whom else was she responsible to inform. Ehsan realizes his tone, says that he gets worried easily. Katha understands, she didn’t want to be rude, will meet Ehsan tomorrow in office. Viaan questions katha about everything being alright, she tells him about Ehsan being worried about them.

Kavita asks Reet concern for meeting Teeji while cutting her apple. Reet met her to consult about nursery designs, but Teeji changed the topic to Katha. Reet asks if Teeji knows about their relation to Katha. Kavita had Katha introduced to Teeji in her party, Teeji is quite impressed by her. Reet corrects, Teeji is quite worried about her son who apparently adores Katha, he is her boss whom she is in Lonavala with. Reet asks Kavita if Katha ever mentioned anything about her boss. Reet can get information about it if Kavita allows. Kavita asks Reet not to worry about Katha, she must not stress herself in this condition. Reet should use all her time and energy on the coming baby.

Viaan notices Katha sleeping in passenger seat, he recalls her defining love to be silent and beautiful. Katha’s head leans down form the car seat, Viaan helps get it in position without waking her up. After driving back, Viaan tries to wake Katha by honking the car. Katha takes her stuff and leaving thanking Viaan. At last, she says goodbye asking Viaan not to wait. He questions why he would wait. Katha will meet him in office.

At night, Viaan sits thinking about Katha asking him for a loan and he putting his condition. Viaan writes his journal questions the night for bring back memories that haunt him. Viaan standing by window recalls the night he spent with Katha, he feels ashamed. He sits back to write his journal, thinking about things made just for him, like sun, moon etc. especially love. Viaan keeps reminiscing his memories with katha. The world seems to swirl around him because bow she talks to him. He lays on bed thinking about Katha.

Aarav and Katha play dumb charades. Katha tries to guess the name by Aarav’s clues but couldn’t figure out, she asks Aarav to help. At last, Aarav tells her the name Bhoot. Katha enacts the tittles recalling Viaan’s answer to leave a house whose doors open and closes itself. Katha becomes expressionless as he sees Aditya’s picture hanging on the wall.

Next morning, Teeji comes to Viaan’s room while he sleeps with the journal. Teeji reads his book, shocked by it, she places it back and turns to leave when Viaan awakes calling her. Teeji was here to check up on him, asks him to freshen up and come down for breakfast. Viaan notices his journal.

Viaan comes down to his mother serving breakfast. Teeji asks Viaan about feeling tired, asks if he didn’t sleep well. It was a long hectic trip. Viaan loves Teeji massaging his hairs. Teeji apologizes for being upset with him. Viaan has no issues, he made her angry. Teeji agrees but forgives her son. Viaan hugs her. he reminds her about the coming Holi, asks if his white Kurta pajama is ready. Teeji’s white dress is read as well, she asks Viaan to prepare himself to select stone colors. Like every year, both should look color coordinated. Viaan requests his mother to select this time. Teeji refuse, as per their self-made tradition they will wear the color Viaan decides, this tradition was a promise to stay together forever. Viaan agrees. Teeji asks Viaan to pass a box, it’s patch up gift. Viaan opens the box full of pictures of girls. Viaan questions his mother about it. Teeji is on Viaan’s side, she rejected them all. She shows him picture of girl who is an architect. Viaan questions because he is an architect as well. Teeji tells that she is daughter to owner of biggest architect firm of India, but she is finding Viaan a life partner not an employee.

Precap: Aarav tells Katha about some boys misbehaving with Neerja. Ehsan questions Viaan for not informing him about the mishap, Viaan apologizes as he didn’t have the network to contact Ehsan, Katha enters the office. Katha asks Neerja to share her problems, they are a family. Guests praise Teeji and her delights. Viaan tells Ehsan about Molika assuming that fire wont harm her but her own intention did. He tells Ehsan that bad intentions ruin everything whether it be love, family or friendship.

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