Katha Ankahee 29th March 2023 Written Update: Teji realises her mistakes

The episode starts with Teji tells Katha that she can only save Viaan so asks to give verdict in favour of Viaan because she is a head. Katha tells Teji that she is a head so she will be neutral. Teji says to Katha that she is sure Viaan would never do such things also she doesn’t know why Shamita is doing all this. Katha asks her don’t she have faith in Viaan. Teji tells sometimes innocent people fails to prove their innocence. Katha reminds Teji how she went against Teji’s wish because it’s all about Viaan’s contribution so she did what she felt right. She then asks her why she fails to see Viaan’s hurt. Teji gets confused and tells that she is aware whenever Viraj’s name is brought up Viaan feels uncomfortable. Katha tells it’s not all about that but she forcing Viaan to idolize his father every time because of which Viaan feels unwanted and also not a worthy person. Teji gets stunned hearing Katha’s words then leaves the place. Katha looks on.

Viaan arrives home and finds Teji is looking at Viaan’s childhood photos so asks her why she is looking at this. Teji tells him that she is searching when did he lost him. Viaan gets confused. Teji shows him, his childhood pictures and reminds those days where she fails to be there for him. She cries hard for unintentionally hurting him. Viaan also tells her, his sufferings also he realised his father not only left but took his mother with him and he lost both his parent’s. He then made a huge mistake which lead him to open his eyes that he was wrong. Now they both realised their mistakes let’s focus on their future. Teji agrees with him.

Here, Katha expresses her worry to Neerja that she is unable to find anything in favour of Viaan to prove his innocence. Aarav receives a call from Robin (Viaan) who gives him, his friend who is a Karate master from who can he gets tips for his competition next day. Aarav pleads him to be there for him but Viaan asks him to focus. Aarav calls Viaan’s friend and records the video call. Katha gets upset seeing Aarav’s attempts and scolds him for trying to hurt himself. Aarav tells her, the call is recorded by him even during hold it will be in recording mode and he is glad it’s him who is recording the call or else it will be embarrassing for him for her calling him monkey. Katha apologises to him and when she returns, she recalls Viaan’s statement so she calls Keith and tells him whatever happened then requests him to send a video recording. Keith promises to do the same. Katha gets hopeful.

The next day, Viaan serves Teji’s breakfast. Teji reminds him about councils final decision at 3pm and asks him to react because she can’t see him silent like this. Viaan asks her don’t she have faith in him? And tells that he don’t have any control over the judgement so asks Teji to not to stress herself too. Teji tells her, she feels he is once again hiding his emotions from her. Viaan assures it’s nothing like that. He then tells that he is happy throughout all this she is by his side that’s more than enough for her.

He further adds that once again they will find a solution and tackle this problem how they used to and then encourages her to have breakfast. Teji obliges. Here, Aarav’s karate competition starts. He becomes stressed. When his turn arrives his opponent overpowers him which leads him fall to the ground. Viaan arrives there. Aarav gets happy seeing him. Viaan signs at him which Aarav understands and smiles. Viaan nods at him in an encouraging way.

Precap: Meera informs Katha about her decision to live with Yuvraj. Katha discloses the truth to Meera about her relationship with Yuvraj. Meera gets stunned. Jeetu bhai informs Viaan and Ehsan about the board members going to announce the final decision. Viaan and Shamita meets the board members. Katha tells everyone about Viaan’s video call with his friend and it’s recording will help them get to know about the truth. Shamita gets shocked.

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