Katha Ankahee 28th March 2023 Written Update: Katha apologises to Viaan

The episode starts with Viaan meets the internal committee. Katha tells Viaan that his entire team told good things about him but it’s not enough they want to proof. Viaan tells her that he don’t have proof. Katha and the other members tells him that the investigations result will be given according to the proofs and facts not his philosophy. Viaan feels frustrated and tells that he don’t know how to prove that he didn’t offered anything such neither he isn’t aware why Shamita is accusing him also how did the message is sent from him and firmly states he would never do such things ever. Katha asks him is he is sure that he never offered such things before. Viaan gets taken aback by Katha’s outburst. He recalls offering such offer to Katha. The committee member demands an answer from Viaan. Viaan admits offering such thing before. Katha gets shocked.

Viaan arrives at his cabin and gets sad. Katha comes there and apologises to him for putting him in that situation by bringing up their night. Viaan tells her, she did a right thing by asking that question. Katha tells what she did is wrong because her question has nothing to do with the current situation. Now because of her mistakes the committee members have benefit of doubt. Viaan tells her, he may not have done anything wrong with Shamita but what he has done to her is wrong for which he should be punished and asks her to let him face his fear. Katha tells him if he done nothing wrong then he won’t get punished for sure. Viaan thanks her for meeting him going against the protocol. Meanwhile Farah tells Teji that they all know Viaan is innocent but they don’t have proof so advices her to ask Viaan to settle the matter with Shamita by paying some money also resign his CEO position because their company’s reputation is at stake. Teji gets shocked and hurt.

Katha waits for a vehicle to go home. Viaan goes past her in his car. They both stares at each other. Katha gets sad. Title song plays in the background. Viaan also looks sad on his way back home. He then sees Katha in an auto. Katha also looks at him. Later Katha arrives at her house. She gets shocked seeing Teji there so invite her inside but Teji refuses. Katha tells she understand for Teji it must be difficult for her but she can’t disclose the interrogation details to him. Teji tells Katha that Viaan will never do such things so asks Katha to use her power and save him. Katha tells her, she is a head so she won’t be biased. She also asks Teji to have faith in her son then why she looks so worried. Teji tells if Viaan proven guilty then he will have to resign his CEO position. Katha gets shocked.

Here, Viaan tells Ehsan his decision to resign his position permanently. Ehsan gets angry and tells him to wait until the councils decision. Viaan tells him they can’t live in fear about what Shamita will do next and they can’t risk their company’s reputation. Ehsan tells if Viaan quits then he will also quit. They both entered this place seven years back and dreamed about same thing. He can’t able to handle without Viaan by his side so let whatever happens happen but he won’t leave his side then breaksdown. Viaan advices Ehsan it’s unfair to other employees so asks him to take the CEO position also assures him they both will tackle the current situation. Ehsan hugs Viaan.

Precap: Katha pauses Aarav’s video call and questions him. Aarav tells her that everyone can able to hear even though she paused it as it’s in recording mode. Katha gets stunned. Meanwhile Teji asks Viaan is he isn’t afraid about the councils decision. Katha contacts Keeth and asks him to send the recording to her immediately. Keeth agrees. Katha becomes hopeful.

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