Katha Ankahee 24th March 2023 Written Update: Katha questions Viaan

The episode starts with Katha sees Viaan leaving the place then turns around and leaves taking the coffee made by Viaan. Viaan meets the internal committee members. Viaan says to Katha that it’s neither for him nor the one who alleged him. He is doing this for them. He further adds that he knows Katha forgiving him and he wants to make himself worthy of it. He also says this is the only chance he have to prove himself also he hope’s that Katha also trust him. Viaan comes out of his imagination. Katha tells him that the committee members will ask him few questions which he has to co operate.

Viaan obliges. The committee member asks Viaan whether he told Ehsan that women are gold diggers? Viaan stares at Katha. Katha tells him that he needs to answer all the questions of the team. Viaan admits that he told such things a long time back but now his opinion changed. Here, Jeetu bhai notices Ehsan is stressed so asks him not to because Viaan needs him at this difficult times. Ehsan expresses his worry about Viaan who thinks and takes decision from the heart which can put him in danger as this world doesn’t work this way. Jeetu bhai asks Ehsan to let Viaan act the way his heart asks him to because he is a honest person. Ehsan tells the one who fights following their heart will get their heart broken.

Here, Viaan tells the committee members that he was wrong about the way he thought about women. He then says something happened in his life that changed his opinion about women in general. One of the committee members asks about that incident. Viaan tells that he met someone who changed his perspective. His perspective was wrong so he judged the women easily as he always maintained distance from them.

He further adds when he met a women and observed her his perspective changed about women. The committee member asks is he talking about Shamita here? Viaan tells he is talking about himself and not that women is Shamita. He further adds that he was unfair towards women because of his ignorant but the moment he realised his mistakes he did something useful who is working in the company by changing it’s policy. The committee members note it down. One of the committee members questions him in a mockery way whether he had a meeting with Shamita after his perspective about women changed or before that?

Viaan tells the committee that he never indulged in any conversation with Shamita even professionally. Katha questions him then why did he hired Shamita again. Viaan tells them it’s because Shamita contacted him and requested him. He also asks to check the documents he submitted.

Katha tells Viaan about Shamita’s allegations. Viaan tells sometimes he feels people like Shamita was forcing him to think that his perspective about women the previous one is right. Katha asks him to elaborate. Viaan tells the committee members it’s Shamita who misbehaved with him because of which he fired her. He further tells them it’s Shamita who met him the other day in the cabin asking him to give her recommendation letter as she isn’t feeling comfortable so he sends her the same. He also says that he doesn’t know how come the recommended letter he sent to Shamita isn’t in his sent list.

Katha sends Viaan out saying after analysing they will let him know their decision. Later, Jeetu bhai meets the committee members and takes a firm stand for Viaan also challenges the members that Viaan will come out clean. Jenny tells the committee members about Shamita’s advances towards Viaan. Katha discusses with the committee members how everything is so confusing. The other member tells her they have evidence against Viaan to prove him gulily. Katha looks on confusedly.

Precap: Farah suggests Teji to speak with Viaan to give money to Shamita to solve this issue also quit his position as CEO permanently. Teji gets shocked. Meera informs Katha about Yuvraj’s confession. Katha gets shocked. Later Viaan gets shocked by Katha’s outburst.

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