Katha Ankahee 21st March 2023 Written Update: Ehsan requests Katha to accept the board members decision

The episode starts with Nivedita saying Viaan all the employees are with him. Viaan thanks everyone. Jenny informs him about Ehsan’s decision to postpone all the meeting. Viaan goes to his cabin. Katha enters the office while talking to Kavita who asks her to visit home which Katha agrees by replying soon. She looks at Meera then Ehsan and recalls whatever happened then goes to her cabin. Meera goes to discuss with her about Lonavola project. Jeetu bhai arrives and asks Katha to meet the board members.

Katha gets confused but obliges. She walks past by Viaan’s cabin. Viaan and Katha stares at each other. Katha enters the meeting room of board members. One of the member reminds Katha about whatever happened about Shamita’s allegations related to Viaan. She then informs about their decision to hire an internal committee also explains her the work about the team. Mr.Agarwal says to Katha that the board members decided her as a leader to the team and investigate the case and let them know whether Viaan is guilty or not.

Teji recalls suggesting Katha’s name to the board. Katha questions the board members why they chose her. The board members says it’s because their senior board member suggested also they agrees to it. Mr.Agarwal explains Katha what she has to do. Katha says to them that she need time to think about it then leaves. Viaan sees Katha walking past his cabin without looking at him once.

Here, Ehsan questions Teji why did she suggested Katha’s name to the board members. Teji tells that she feels Katha is the right person then tells both Ehsan and Farah about Katha’s decision to go against her for Viaan and tells they don’t have any other better person than Katha to save Viaan. Ehsan looks on. Later, Ehsan meets Katha and pleads her to accept the board members decision to lead the committee also reveals it’s Viaan who suggested for this trial and calls Viaan’s decision as a stupid one.

Katha gets shocked but tells Ehsan that she need time to think about it because she herself is so confused then decides to leave. Jenny arrives and asks all the employees to gather for a meeting in Viaan’s room. Katha also joins the other employees. Viaan addresses the employees about the current situation and decides to resign his position temporarily and informs Ehsan will take over this. He further asks the employees to work hard like they all used to be even in his absence also asks them to have faith in him. He also asks the employees to contact Jeetu bhai if they need any advices. The employees gets emotional but obliges.

Katha enters the elevator in which Viaan already is. They both feels nervous to acknowledge the other person’s presence. After coming out of the elevator, Viaan calls Katha and encourages her to lead the committee saying he learned from Teji about the board members decision. He further tells her that he will face the consequences of what he has done but not for what he didn’t done. Katha listens to him then leaves. She then meets Neerja in the restaurant and informs her about the board members decision.

Neerja advices Katha to see the problems from a third person’s perspective also detach herself from the situation to get a clearer picture. She also reveals it’s Viaan who solved her dispute with her son’s shocking Katha. Later, Katha returns to the office and informs Ehsan her decision to lead the committee. Ehsan gets relieved and starts telling her about Viaan who could never do anything such. Katha asks Ehsan to let her handle this matter neutrally then leaves. Ehsan smiles. Katha informs the board members that she is agreeing to their decision to lead this committee then looks on with determination. Teji gets relieved.

Precap: Reet shouts at Yuvraj for cheating on her. Yuvraj gets shocked. Katha shares her confusion with Aarav about how to handle the situation in her office. Viaan meets Aarav and the latter tells Viaan that he will win this fight and hugs him. Later, Viaan tells Katha that one should be afraid of the consequences of their wrongdoings but when he hadn’t did anything wrong he is not afraid of anything. Katha looks on.

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