Katha Ankahee 20th March 2023 Written Update: Viaan apologises to Ehsan

The episode starts with Teji and Ehsan looks tensed. Viaan arrives there and informs them about board’s decision to investigate the Shamita’s complaint. Ehsan shouts at Viaan for suggesting this to board members. He also asks him to stop acting like a Hero. Farah tries to calm down Ehsan but Viaan says he will talk to him then tells Ehsan that they have to do the right thing to make sure the employees feel they are safe under this roof also Shamita can’t able to blackmail them. Jeetu bhai takes Teji with him. The board members asks Teji to suggest a senior female employee to lead this committee and gives three names in which one is Katha’s. Teji looks on.

Teji says to someone on the call it’s confidential so asks not to tell this to anyone. Viaan leaves the place. Ehsan looks upset also refuses to have food saying Viaan must be also not having food. Farah asks Ehsan to not to worry about Viaan and asks him to use this opportunity and make Earthcon is his. Here, Teji asks Viaan to not to worry saying they will get succeed in this fight. Meanwhile Ehsan tells Farah that he won’t snatch what Viaan’s is. He also says that he will stood by Viaan’s side and help him come out of this situation. Farah tries to convince Ehsan but fails also questions him why he is becoming so selfless. Ehsan says it’s because if he is in Viaan’s shoes then Viaan will turn the world upside down which he is going to do now because he don’t want to lose his friend at all then leaves. Farah gets upset.

Teji requests Viaan to have dinner but Viaan refuses then goes out. He recalls his conversation with Katha about their dinner plans followed by Shamita’s allegations. Here, Katha becomes restless recalling Shamita’s words. She decides to work but recalls her moments with Viaan then smiles. Ehsan asks Viaan to go with him for a dinner for his sake and takes him to restaurant.

He then asks Viaan to not to worry saying him and the entire office is with him. They together can prove Shamita wrong in few days also prove his innocence. Viaan suggests Ehsan to take over the company and says he will help him unofficially. Ehsan gets upset. He then says to Viaan whoever Teji suggested would be on their favor so they don’t have to stress over this then makes Viaan have dinner.

The next day Aarav leaves for his Karate classes and tells he has taken protein bar for Robin too. Katha comes to the living room. Neerja questions her for looking tired. Katha expresses her worry also how she is scared of whatever happening in the office. She also says that she is tired. Neerja advices Katha to face her fears like she used to do it. In Garewal’s house Reet sees Yuvraj’s gift and thinks it’s for her. Yuvraj wishes her for their Rokha anniversary and gives her a bouquet then leaves texting Meera to meet him as he have a surprise for her.

Reet gets angry and gets suspicious so she checks Yuvraj’s clothes. Viaan comes to the office. Jenny stops him and says he is working here for seven years and she never felt unsafe. Not only her but all the employees here. The employees nods their head in agreement. Nivedita tells Viaan that they all trust him also by his side also adds that he was there for them so today Earthcon family is with him. Viaan nods okay.

Precap: The board members informs Katha they have selected her as a head of an internal committee. Katha gets shocked. Later Viaan says to Katha that he will suffer for what he did at the same time he isn’t afraid now because he didn’t do anything wrong. Katha listens to him. Ehsan questions Teji why did she suggested the board Katha’s name to lead the team. Teji looks on.

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