Katha Ankahee 16th March 2023 Written Update: Shamita accuses Viaan

The episode starts with Katha waits for Viaan in the office. Viaan looks at his watch and thinks himself that Katha may think he is desperate so decides to wait for Katha then goes to his seat. Ehsan finds Katha in the cabin and inquires her the reason for working late. Katha tells him about the her work. Ehsan suggests to drop her home and asks her to let him go then leaves. Katha receives a call from Viaan. She asks him whether they are going for dinner or not also suggests to have the therapy session in her cabin itself. Viaan says that he thought she is busy. He then says that he will meet her in ten minutes. Katha agrees.

Viaan sees his poem for Katha in the diary. He then video calls Keeth and seeks his request to compose his poem which he write for someone. Keeth gets surprised then praises Viaan and says that he always knows Viaan is romantic at heart so whoever he falls for is so lucky.

He then asks Viaan to read the poetry and decides to record it so that it can be easy for him to compose it. Viaan agrees. He then starts reciting the lines. Meanwhile Katha exchanges her earrings and waits for Viaan to call her. Keeth praises Viaan’s poem. He then decides to compose it infront of him. Viaan agrees. Shamita arrives there so Viaan asks Keeth to hold their conversation then asks Shamita what happened.

Shamita cries infront of Viaan and says that she regrets her actions and he has a big heart to accept her back in this company but she feels suffocating her. Whenever someone asks her the reason behind leaving the office she lied to them that they both had an argument but her guilt is killing her. She then says she can’t work here anymore so asks Viaan to give her a recommendation letter using that she will join somewhere.

Viaan agrees and searches for a paper. Shamita suggests him to send her a message that’s more than enough. Viaan sends a recommendation message to Shamita. Shamita then coughs and drops the water so Viaan goes to bring her a water. When he returns Shamita shouts at him asking how dare he could speak with her this way. Viaan gets confused and asks what is she saying. Shamita leaves the place saying not to spare Viaan.

Shamita shouts that she won’t spare Viaan for his behavior. Ehsan arrives there and asks what happened. Jenny and Nivedita also asks her to calm down also asks what happened. Shamita accuses Viaan for asking her to spend a night with him and offered her a money.

Viaan and everyone gets shocked. Ehsan and Jenny tells that Viaan will never say such thing also it must be some misunderstanding. Shamita shows them the message. Ehsan gets shocked whereas Viaan gets angry and upset. Katha sees the commotion outside so she comes out to see what’s happening and gets stunned hearing Shamita’s accusation.

Shamita tells everyone that she won’t spare Viaan at all also says that Viaan might have behaved with other employees similarly but no one speak up but she won’t remain silent. Katha recalls Viaan’s order to give her money for Aarav’s treatment also spending a night with him. Shamita threatens to call the police.

Viaan sees Katha and signs No. Ehsan and Jeetu bhai takes Viaan to his cabin. Ehsan then tells Katha they need her help but Katha says she isn’t feeling well then leaves. Here Viaan says to Ehsan that he don’t have any idea how such message is send from his phone to Shamita. Ehsan pleads Shamita to calm down saying he will help her. Shamita demands to start the trial against Viaan or else threatens to go to police. Ehsan gets shocked and becomes helpless.

Precap: Katha expresses her fear of recalling that night. Viaan refuses to agree with Ehsan’s suggestion to give money to Shamita. Farah reminds the past and it’s consequences to Teji and the latter gets shocked. Neerja defends Viaan to Katha.

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