Katha Ankahee 14th March 2023 Written Update: Katha advices Reet

The episode starts with Katha applies colours on everyone while Viaan dances with his family. Katha also dances with the Garewal’s happily. Viaan hugs Teji and Ehsan. Katha smiles. Aarav says to Kailash that he is going to defeat the latter. Kailash challenges him.

Katha smiles watching them. Reet says to Katha that this must be her best Holi right? Katha says not only this year but also for the last few years is special to her. Reet tells Katha must be happy because Kailash accepted her as his daughter. Katha says to Reet that she is considering the latter as her younger sister.

She then tells that she will give her some life advice and says to Neerja the importance of life also about how to protect the happiness. Reet gets confused. Katha sees Yuvraj is busy chatting with Meera. She then tells Reet to focus on her, Yuvaraj and the kids. Also asks her not to take stress much as she is pregnant now.

Reet taunts at Katha for giving unnecessary lectures also misunderstands her. She then tells Katha that she won’t let Katha ruin her family’s happiness also let her snatch it from her. Katha gets upset. Neerja calls Viaan and thanks him for changing her son’s heart.

Viaan suggests her to create a shelter in her land saying she has to find a right person for that. Neerja tells she already find that person and the work will start from the next day. After some time Katha decides to leave but Kavita calls everyone for a group selfie. Reet gets irked seeing Katha in it.

Here Viaan brings an intoxicated Ehsan inside the house. Ehsan blabbers which makes Viaan smile. Katha inquires Neerja about her glasses which she is wearing it and identifying the colours. Neerja informs Katha that she is suffering from colour blindness which herself isn’t aware hence she didn’t tell her anything. Katha then persuades Neerja who bought her the glasses.

Neerja refuses to tell saying she made a promise but then gives in and tells it’s Viaan who she met him the other day in the old age home. He learned she has colour blindness. Katha gets surprised. Viaan receives a call from Katha. He wishes her Holi and asks her the reason behind her calling him.

Katha expresses her gratitude to Viaan for making Neerja happy also identifying her colour blindness and helping her out of it. Viaan gets relieved that Katha isn’t aware about his and Neerja’s deal.

Viaan gets happy hearing Katha’s praises. He then tells Katha after so many years he shared everything in his heart to her during their Lonovala trip. It felt like a therapy session to him so requests her to repeat the same.

Katha recalls Jeetu bhai’s words about Viaan and remains silent so Viaan thinks Katha isn’t interested so he decides to back off but Katha agrees to go with him. Viaan gets happy. They both decides to go after office hours.

Shamita calls Viaan and requests him to accept her back as she is financially suffering a lot also didn’t find a job. She also apologises to him for how she acted to him unprofessionally. Viaan agrees to give Shamita a job saying he will talk to Jeetu bhai.

Shamita promises to be professional. The next day Viaan and Aarav meets each other. Aarav learns Robin is taking his special girl to a dhaba also learns about his outfit choice. Aarav tells Viaan that girls likes special places and gifts. Viaan gets nervous. Aarav asks him not to get tensed as they both can find a solution together for this.

Precap: Ehsan stops Shamita from entering the office and warns her about Viaan’s anger. Shamita tells that she has rejoined which surprises Ehsan. Viaan practices what to speak to Katha. He then meets Katha and greets her. Katha asks Viaan where the dhaba is on their way. Viaan becomes speechless.

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