Junooniyatt 29th March 2023 Written Update: Jahan fights with the goons

The episode starts with Jahan trying to escape from Ranjit’s house along with Shika. The goon points a gun at him. Ranjit feels happy to see him caught. He dreams of his wedding with Ilahi and leaves. Jahan fights with the goons. He sprays a fire extinguisher on them and escapes from them. Meanwhile, the priest asks the groom and bride to sit on the mandap. Ginni forces Ilahi to sit on the mandap. Ilahi asks Jordan how she will stop this wedding? Jordan tells her that he is a better option than Ranjit. He asks her to calm down. Jahan will reach there on time. The rituals start there. Ranjit thinks who is the third groom here? He is seeing the three grooms for the first time at a wedding.

Jahan asks Shika to call Jordan to inform him that they are on the way. Ranjit comes there and informs everyone that he was the one who tried to stop his wedding to Ilahi. He beat him yesterday. Jordan’s friends take Ranjit from there. Ilahi looks helpless. Biji says to Ranjit it’s better they find the truth before marriage. She asks him to sit on the mandap. Biji asks Ilahi. Was she aware of the truth that someone else had been replaced in Ranjit’s place? Ranjit asks his friends to find Husna. She was behind all this.

Shika says to Jahan that the battery was drained from his phone. Husna hears the goons discussion. She thinks that if they catch her then she can’t help Ilahi to stop this wedding. Amardeep feels dizzy. Ranjit says to Ilahi that no one is able to save Ilahi from him. He says to her that he won’t leave anyone after their wedding. He held her hand. He threatens her. Ilahi places a knife in his neck. She warns him not to touch her. She threatens him to confess the truth to everyone or else she will burn him in the fire. Meanwhile, the goons are beating Jordan. Husna notices Shika and Jahan there. She informs him that Ranjit’s goons took Jordan away. They will kill him. Shika assures him that this wedding won’t take place. She will stop this wedding but save Jordan from the goons. Ilahi threatens Ranjit to reveal the truth that he tried to molest her. Shabnam tells her that they will leave here but don’t hurt her son. Ranjit points his gun at Ilahi.

The goons capture Husna and Shika. Ilahi says to Ranjit that it’s better to die with his hand instead of living with him. Ranjit points his gun at Biji. He tells her that he is able to kill her. Ilahi pleads with him not to hurt her Biji. She is ready to marry him. Ranjit asks her to sit on the mandap. Jahan searches for Jordan. Biji pleads with Ranjit to leave Ilahi. The goons stop her. Ilahi imagines her mom motivating her. She is about to leave but he stops her. Ranjit says to her that he won’t leave her on their first night. Ilahi tells him that this wedding won’t take place. Ranjit demands the priest to chant the mantra asap. Ranjit flirts with Ilahi. Biji regrets her decision. Husna and Shika’s hands were tied. Jahan searches for Jordan. He alerts Jahan about his whereabouts. Shabnam tied Ilahi and Ranjit’s gantbandhan. The priest asks them to take Pehras together. Ranjit forces Ilahi to take Pehras with him. The goons notice Jahan there.

Episode end

Precap; Jahan will try to untie Jordan’s hands. The goons will attack Jahan. Jahan will fight with them. Husna will seek neighbours’ help to stop Ilahi’s wedding. Jordan will save Jahan from the goon. Ranjit will make fun of Ilahi’s state.

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