Junooniyatt 28th March 2023 Written Update: Jahan finds a clue to save Ilahi

The episode starts with Jahan taking care of Ilahi. He wiped her tears. He gives health drinks to her to make her feel better. She feels a vomiting sensation. He helps her. Jordan notices Jahan with Ilahi and finds that he was the duplicate groom. He tells her that he came here to help her. Ilahi tells him that she doesn’t understand anything. Jordan asks Jahan what’s going on here. Meanwhile, Ranjit reveals the truth to Biji. Jahan asks Jordan what’s going on here. Both start arguing with each other in front of Ilahi. They blame each other for their state.

Ilahi says that both are the reason for her state. Because of them, she ended up in this state. She asks them to stop fighting. Meanwhile, Ranjit reveals the truth to Biji. Ilahi says that they are here to help her but fighting in her room. She demands them to leave, but Jahan denies it, reasoning he won’t leave until he helps her. Jordan says that he was trying to become a hero. Jahan and Jordan are arguing with each other. Ilahi hears Biji’s footsteps. She alerts them that Biji is coming. She demands them to leave.

Biji opens the door and checks her room. Ginni asks Biji to question her. Who replaced Ranjit in mandap? Ilahi says to him that nothing like that. Ginni accuses Ilahi of being in a relationship with someone else. She says to Biji that she is in love. Ranjit pretends to cry in front of Biji. He asks her to unite Ilahi with her lover. He doesn’t want to come in between Ilahi and her lover. He will make his family understand the situation and take them from here. Ilahi asks her not to believe him. She isn’t in a relationship with anyone. Biji asks her not to create more dramas and go with her in mandap.

Ilahi notices her left side window. Jahan and Jordan hide there. Biji closes the window and takes Ilahi from there. Jahan and Jordan enter into the room after they leave. Jordan says to him that they have escaped. Jordan received the call from Ekam. He informs Jordan that Ranjit isn’t a good person. He was already married to Shika. She was staying in Canada but she returned to India. Ranjit locked her somewhere. Jordan thinks that this marriage will be halted if they take Shika to this mandap. Jahan thinks that he knew this name.

He informs Jordan that he saw Shika’s name tag in Ranjith’s house. She was locked in his house. He asks him to manage the situation. He will bring Shika to the mandap. Jordan gives his jeep key to him. He says that he can’t save her if he rides his cycle. Jahan gives the garland to him. Meanwhile, Ilahi hides the knife in her hand. Jordan asks Husna to talk with Ranjit in Shika’s voice. She threatens Ranjit to reveal his true colors in front of everyone and stop this wedding. Ranjit was scared of the worst. He excuses them and leaves. Ilahi is prepared to stab Jordan. Jordan tells her that it’s him.

Jahan went to save Shika. When he is here, this wedding will be over. Ranjit’s friends advised him to check the CCTV footage. He finds Shika there. He notices Jahan reaches there to save her. He recognises him who was Ilahi’s classmate. He beat him. Biji asks Ilahi to place her hand on his. The priest asks them to start the rituals. Ranjit sends goons to kill them. Jordan thinks where Jahan is or else he will end up marrying Ilahi. Jahan untied Shika’s hand. He says to her that she wants to do a favour to him. She has to reveal the truth to everyone to save Ilahi’s life from Ranjit. She assures him to help them. Jahan is shocked to see a goon pointing a gun at him. Ranjit smirks at them. Jordan and Ilahi perform the marriage rituals.

Episode end

Precap; Ranjit will stop the wedding and inform them that he was the one who tried to stop his wedding with Ilahi. Ranjit’s friends take Jordan from there. Ranjit will say to Ilahi that no one is there to save her from him. Ilahi will place the knife on his neck and warn him not to touch her. Ranjit will point a gun at her.

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