Junooniyatt 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Ekam attempts to save Ilahi

The episode starts with Jahan checking the sherwani. Ilahi reaches home at that time. She is shocked to find the main door is locked from inside. Jahan feels bad for Ilahi. Ginni checks Amardeep and feels relieved after finding him in an intoxicated state. She goes to check Ilahi’s room. Jahan feels happy when he gets a new job. Ilahi tries to sneak into her room. Meanwhile, Ginni takes her wedding clothes. She gets agitated when she can’t find Ilahi in her room. Ilahi comes there. Ginni asks her why she woke up early? Ginni tells her that she didn’t get sleep. Ginni asks her to get ready asap and leaves.

Ilahi shares her grief with the god. She says that everything is happening for a reason. She is sure that she won’t marry him. Meanwhile, Ekam asks Harleen how they will contact Ilahi? They don’t know her contact number or address. Harleen says that she gave a phone to her but she isn’t attending the call. Harleen says that they are forcing her to marry that goon. She wishes to win the great Indian voice competition and bring back her mom and sister. Nehmat says that they have to do something to stop this wedding. Because she saved our family. Ekam and Harleen plan to save Ilahi from Ranjit.

Ilahi’s haldi going on. Ginni sends her picture to Ranjit. He admires her beauty and asks Shabnam to send shagun to her. Jasmine says that she will give her shagun to him. She slaps him in anger. Shabnam scolds her for raising her hand on her son. He signals his henchman to take mom from there. Jasmine says that he set a fire in her house. Her daughter and family were there, including Ekam. What if something happens to them? He asked him to kill Nehmat but he set fire to her house. Ranjit says that Nehmat and another girl ruined his whole plan. Later, everyone is giving shagun to Ilahi. Husna gives it. Ilahi asks her to bring kerosene and a lighter.

Ekam visits Ilahi’s house. Lucky is talking with Ekam. Ginni asks him who he is? He tells her that he is here to meet Ilahi. Ginni demands him to leave from there or else he will call the police. Ekam asks her to call the police. He introduces him as ACP Ekam. Ginni gets nervous hearing it. Biji comes there and inquires him what’s going on? Ekam tells her that he got information that they are forcing Ilahi to marry. Ginni tells him that she isn’t against this marriage. She likes to marry Ranjit. Biji allows him to meet Ilahi.

Ekam says to Ilahi that he got information that they are forcing her to marry. He asks her to give the statement to him. Ilahi lies to him that she has no issues with marrying him. He asks them to give her two minutes’ time to talk with her in private. Ginni denies it but Biji gives permission to him. Ekam offers help to Ilahi. Ilahi says to him that she doesn’t want to marry Ranjit but she can’t allow the police to interfere in this matter. Ekam leaves from there. He notices Ranjit’s banner. He remembers Jordan asked him to find his details. He contacts him to collect the details. He demands his assistant to collect information about him.

Ilahi waits for Husna in her room. She gives the things to Ilahi. Ilahi asks god to help her. Ekam finds a clue about Ranjit. He contacts Harleen to inquire about Ranjit. He asks her to share someone’s contact who is able to help him find Ranjit’s details from Canada. She assures him to help him. Ginni confronts her. Ilahi demands Ginni to open her father’s room. She refuses to give him the key. Ilahi places a knife in her neck and threatens her to open the door. Ilahi locked the door from inside. She tries to wake her dad. Biji demands her to open the door. Ilahi threatens them to set fire in the room if they dare to separate her from her dad. Biji is shocked to hear it.

Episode end

The episode starts with Ilahi reaching Rupy’s house mistakenly. Ilahi seeks their help. They recognised her as Amardeep’s daughter. She sings for them. Ranjit is wondering why Ilahi is here. He thinks that he may have mistaken someone else for Ilahi. Rupy shares Diljhot and Amardeep with her. Ekam and Nehmat send a message to Harleen. Harleen informs everyone that they are on the way. Ilahi asks them to help her reach Chandigarh. Harleen convinces her to stay with them for a night.

They will help her reach Chandigarh. She asks her to meet Nehmat. She is also like her. Later, Jahan notices Biji working alone. Jahan thinks that Biji is taking decisions in Ilahi’s life. He wishes to talk with her about Ilahi. Jahan helps Biji while humming Amardeep’s song. He says to Biji that he likes his son’s song. She says that his wife eloped and he ended up drinking daily. Biji recognised Jahan, who was with Ilahi at the Holi celebration. She demands him to leave there. She warns him not to enter her house again. Jahan feels upset hearing it.

Ilahi was fresh up in Harleen’s room. She notices a shadow crossing outside of her room. She gets nervous. Ranjit and his henchman are working outside secretly. Nehmat tries to open the window but Harleen comes there. Ilahi wishes to leave from there. Harleen assures her to help her. She asks her to share what’s bothering her? She will help her to solve it. Ilahi informs her that she is going to marry Ranjit but she doesn’t like him.

She narrates her story with her. Ranjit isn’t a good person. No one believes her words. Amardeep isn’t able to help her. Meanwhile, Ranjit checks whether the current connection works or not. Jahan prays for Ilahi in the temple. He doesn’t know what’s going on? He tried all the way to stop the wedding. He prays god to stop this wedding.

Jordan drops his grandfather at Gurdwara. Grandfather says to him that his wishes will be fulfilled if he prays sincerely. Meanwhile, Harleen tells Ilahi that she has a solution to her problem. Ekam is her friend. He is ACP. He will help her in this matter. Ilahi asks her how she will involve him in her personal matters. Harleen advises her to elope. Ilahi denies it, reasoning she won’t marry him. God will definitely show a way to stop this wedding. Harleen supports her. Jasmine contacts Ranjit and inquires him what he has planned there? Rupy stops him. Jasmine thinks that he ruined her plan.

Ranjit lies to him that he is from the electricity board. Ekam and Nehmat get there. Harleen sends a message to her that she has a surprise. Nehmat smells something fishy there. Ekam takes her from there. Family members give a surprise to them. Harleen wishes to go back to Canada. Ilahi wishes to go back home asap. She wishes to bring back her mom and sister. Harleen introduces Ilahi to Ekam. Ginni thinks that she can’t believe Ilahi. She wishes to check her room.

Biji asks Ginni what she is doing here? She lies to her that she is here to take water. Biji asks her to don’t disturb Ilahi. Let her sleep. Meanwhile, Nehmat tries to convince Ilahi but she is adamant to return home. Nehmat tells her that she will help her to drop there. It’s not safe to travel at night. Ranjit tries to see Ilahi’s face. Harleen gives money to Ilahi. Jasmine thinks that she won’t allow Nehmat to snatch her daughter’s happiness. Nehmat and Ekam cut the cake together. He tells her that petrol smells coming from it. Rupy asks him to stop investigating like a police officer and enjoy the party. Jahan comes out of Gurdwara. Jordan was thinking about his grandfather’s words. Both Jahan and Jordan notice Ranjit’s parents. They click the photo of Ranjit’s sherwani. Ekam and Nehmat are dancing together.

Episode end

Precap; Jordan will ask his friend to send the exact design sherwani to him. Jahan thinks that he will replace Ranjit at Mandap. Ranjeet will say to Jasmine that Ilahi will be his and Nehmat will die. The mandap to catch fire. Nehmat and Ilahi shout for help. Jahaan, Jordan and Ekam run to save the brides.

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