Junooniyatt 21st March 2023 Written Update: Destiny brings Ilahi and Jahan close together

The episode starts with Ilahi saying to Husna that she won’t elope. She has to bring out Ranjit’s truth in front of everyone. Someone informs Ilahi that Biji is calling her. Jordan takes Ilahi away and tells her that he came here to help her not to create a scene. Ilahi says that he did a lot in college. Jordan says that he is admitting that everything happened because of her. He is ready to drop her anywhere she says. He asks her to leave this mandap.

Ilahi asks him why he is doing all this. Jordan says that she is a good competitor for him. He would take her as a good competitor. She has the talent to prove herself to everyone. Husna thinks where Ilahi is? Ilahi thanks him for trying to help her. But she wouldn’t leave anywhere, leaving her family and father alone. She doesn’t need his help. Jordan thinks that she isn’t listening to her. He can’t be guilty. He can’t ruin someone’s dream.

Husna gets frustrated when Ginni calls her. The Mehandi designer asks Ilahi to say the groom’s name. Jahan mistakenly mentioned his name. She writes his initials in her hand. Jahan tells her that he is here to help her. Ilahi refuses to take his help and asks him to fight with him again. Jahan advises Ilahi to make a decision asap. There was no time left for her. He motivates her to stop it. The Mehandi designer writes J initial on Ilahi’s hand. Jahan drinks half the juice and leaves. Ilahi gets hiccups. Someone gave the juice to Ilahi, which Jahan drank. Ginni notices J’s initials in Ilahi’s hand and alerts Biji. Ranjit tells them that it’s his name. Everyone used to call him by a nickname.

Ilahi says to Ranjit that she wants to talk with him alone. Ranjit tells her that he will wait for her in the room. She asks him to come to the terrace and leaves. Husna asks her what he had said? Ilahi asks her to come to the terrace if she doesn’t return in 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Ranjit flirts with Ilahi. Ilahi says to Ranjit that he was the one who tried to molest her on Holi. She recognised his smell on their engagement day. Ranjit says that it’s good to recognise him. Ranjit admits that he misbehaved with her on Holi day. He tries to get close to her. She warns him to stay away from her.

Ilahi threatens Ranjit to reveal the truth to everyone. Ranjit asks her. Didn’t she reveal the truth to anyone yet? He asks her to inform everyone about it. Ilahi says that he himself revealed it to everyone. Ranjit asks her who will believe her? Does she have any proof against him? He noticed the voice recorder. He deleted the voice message from her phone. Husna comes there and asks her, Is everything alright? She denies it. Later, Ranjit excuses his friends for using the washroom. Jahan puts clothes on his face and shows black and blue to him. He threatens him to stop this wedding. If he dares to bring Bharath here, he won’t leave him. Ranjit thinks about who is coming between him and Ilahi. Jordan notices Ranjit and beats him. He threatens him to stop this wedding. Ranjit thinks that he won’t leave them.

Jasmin calls Ranjit to inquire whether the task is over or not. He assures her that he has completed the work. He informs her that tomorrow is her wedding. She disconnects the call. Jahan tries to talk with Ilahi but Husna lashes out at him. He prays god to do something to stop this wedding. Later, Jordan leaves to meet the inspector to seek his help. Dolly talks with Jahan. Jahan shares with her that Biji is forcing Ilahi to marry. Dolly advised him to do whatever he could. Her blessing is with him. Ilahi tries to wash off her mehandi. She thinks about what God planned for her future after checking Jahan’s initials in her hand. She recalls the way they offered help to her. She thinks that she doesn’t need their help. She has to do something to stop this wedding. She slips down into the truck from the balcony. Jahan notices Ilahi’s name written on his hand.

Episode end

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