Junooniyatt 17th March 2023 Written Update: Jahan on a mission

The episode starts with Jahan talking with his father on video call. Jahan assures him to send his money back. His father lies to him that everything is alright here. Jahan thinks that he is lying to him. His father inquires him about his college. He advises him to concentrate on his dream. Later, Jahan wishes to meet Ilahi. He thinks that his father asked him to concentrate on his dream but he ruined someone’s dream. Jahan plays harmonium to get Ilahi’s attention.

She closes her ears to avoid his music. He turns on the torch. Ilahi notices it and rushes to the terrace, taking a lamp. Jahan feels happy to see her. He apologized to her. She is about to leave but he stops her by calling her name. He apologized to her again. He asks her not to worry. He promises to help her. She runs from there. Jahan swears to remove the darkness from her life. Meanwhile, Ilahi prays to God to save her. No one is there to help her more than him.

Amardeep worries about Ilahi’s future. Happy ties him with a chair. He forces him to drink alcohol. Meanwhile, Jordan thinks that a detective will be able to help him to find something. Later, Dharmendar says to him that tomorrow is her wedding. Jahan says to him that he wants to do something to stop this wedding. He saw her dream. She is a good singer and able to win the competition too. Dharmendar says that he can’t stop this wedding. Biji is a stubborn one. Jahan takes Ranjith’s details to plan something against him. Meanwhile, Jordan gives Ranjith’s details to the detective. He asks him to stop this wedding at any cost. Jordan thinks that he took the videos, but tomorrow everyone will see his video. Jahan thinks that he will do something to stop this wedding for his friend.

Jahan disguises as a servant and sneaks into Ranjith’s house. He is enjoying the party with his friends. Jahan mistakenly drops the flowers. Jahan fumes after hearing him talking about Ilahi. Jasmin comes there. She congratulates him for getting married. She asks him to finish the work she allotted to her asap. Ranjith dances with his friends. Shabnam asks Jahan who asked him to bring the flowers? She thinks that Jahan may have asked him to do it. She asks him to place the flowers in Ranjith’s room. He wishes to find any proof against Ranjith to stop this wedding. Meanwhile, Ilahi attends the pooja along with Biji.

Jahan searched in Ranjith’s room. Jordan pressurizes the detective to find the information asap. Jahan finds Ranjith’s passport. Ilahi pleads with god to do something. Jordan asks the detective to find something asap. He doesn’t have time. Jahan tries to open the locked room where Ranjith’s wife was locked. Ranjith comes there. Jahan hides immediately. Ranjith closed the door well. Jahan thinks that he may get some evidence from this locked room. Ilahi says to God that she will for if this marriage take place. Jahan faces off Ranjith. He inquires Jahan who he is by pointing a gun at him. Jahan runs from there.

Episode end

Precap; Jahan will notice Ranjith’s wife’s name tag sticking in his hand. He doubted she was his sister. Jordan will argue with the detective about not finding anything useful to him. He will ask him to get someone’s help.

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