Junooniyatt 14th March 2023 Written Update: Biji is stubborn

The episode starts with Biji saying to Ilahi that she will get married in two days. Tomorrow Roka and then marriage. Ilahi regretted her mistakes. Meanwhile, Ranjith says to Maan that Ginni is calling him as he expected. She shares the good news with Ranjith.

Ranjith says to her that he is aware that she will say it. Ginni says to Biji that Ilahi is lucky. Ranjith agreed to marry her. Ilahi hears it and feels heartbroken. She checks her mom’s picture and recalls Diljhot’s promise to her. The mirror breaks into pieces. A broken glass piece cut her finger.

Amardeep comes there. She hugs him and says that she doesn’t want to get married. Amardeep says that he tried hard to stop this wedding. Didn’t she promise him not to commit any mistakes? Ilahi says to him that she didn’t do it intentionally. Biji bangs the plates to grab everyone’s attention. Jordan and Jahan notice her.

Biji says to them that there is good news. Ilahi’s wedding will take place in two days. Tomorrow is Roka and then a wedding. She invited everyone to attend her wedding. She asks Happy to give sweets to them. Ginni forces Ilahi to eat the sweets. Jordan leaves from there. Jahan feels guilty after seeing her state.

Ilahi recalls Biji’s words. She thinks that she didn’t make any mistakes intentionally. Then why is everything going wrong with her? Meanwhile, Ginni advises Biji to give alcohol to Amardeep without thinking about anything. Ginni forces Ilahi to eat the food. If she doesn’t eat the food, then she won’t look good at her wedding.

Biji says to Amardeep that he shouldn’t create any scenes at Ilahi’s wedding. Amardeep asks her why she is trying to ruin Ilahi’s life. Biji says that he doesn’t care about Ilahi’s future. He hasn’t done anything for his daughter yet. She demands him drink this alcohol. She will do Ilahi’s Kanyadan alone.

Ginni thinks that after Ilahi leaves this house. She will be happy. Biji says to Amardeep that he is a good for nothing father. She asks him to drink the alcohol and stay inside. She humiliates him. Amardeep took the alcohol in his hand. He reminds him of Biji’s words and takes alcohol.

Biji demands Happy to buy another bottle for him. She doesn’t want to see any problems coming at her wedding. Ginni tries to convince Ilahi. She says to her that Ranjith stayed in Canada. Ilahi is shocked to learn that. Ginni says that she wants to return his passport. Ilahi says to her that she doesn’t want to marry.

Jordan’s friends are making fun of Ilahi and Jahan. Jordan recalled his moments with Ilahi. Jahan returns home from his night shift. He stops walking, looking at Ilahi’s house. Jordan regrets his mistakes.

Jahan meets Dharmender. He says to Jahan that he is repairing this cycle for him. He may be tired from walking. Jahan says to him that he is worried about Ilahi. He has been aware of her from childhood, he says.

Dharmendar says that she is a good person. She cares for everyone. Her voice is amazing. Music is her junoon. Dharmendar says to Jahan that, except Biji, everyone is aware that Ilahi wants to win the competition. Because of a small mistake, her dreams were ruined. Jahan feels guilty after hearing that. He thinks that because of him she was stuck in this situation.

He recalls the way Ilahi expressed her desire. Jordan fights with his friends and leaves. Ginni hides her passport inside the locker. Lucky noticed it. Husna stops Jordan from meeting Ilahi. He says to her that it’s important to meet Ilahi. She says that Ilahi will be in more problems if he meets her again. She asks him to leave.

Episode end

Precap; Ilahi will say to Husna that she won’t elope from home. Amardeep will do something to stop this wedding. Ilahi will try to wake Amardeep. Ranjith will wear an engagement ring to Ilahi.

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