Junooniyat 7th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with the host Varsha explaining the first round rules. The judges get seated. The anchor says every contestant has to come on the stage and sing a song in one minute time given to them, the first round begins. Mahi signs the girl. The girl goes to llahi and fixes a pin to pull Ilahi’s dress. The first contestant sings. Biji cleans her hand. Ginni says you are cleaning the stain. Biji says I m sure that whatever happens today will be the best. She smiles. Ilahi is called on the stage. She steps ahead and her dress’s back gets torn. She gets shocked and freezes there. Varsha says Ilahi you will be disqualified if you don’t come ahead. Jahaan asks her to come. Mahi says Ilahi, your game is over. Husna says its your dream, come on Ilahi. Ilahi cries and holds her dress. Ilahi sees Amar and Diljot cheering for her. Amar encourages her and says don’t stop. She comes ahead.

Jahaan and Jordan look at her. Ilahi sings. She stops singing and holds the dress. Jordan thinks how did her Kurta get torn. Jahaan goes and stands behind Ilahi. He asks her to sing. Ilahi sings. She starts coughing. Mahi smiles. Ilahi recalls Amar’s words and sings. Everyone claps. Varsha says Ilahi has sang so well. She calls Jahaan next. Ilahi asks him to go, else he will get disqualified, he wants to win. He says my success isn’t bigger than your respect. She recalls his words. She asks and your dream. He says it can’t be bigger than your respect. Jordan thinks what’s happening between them. Husna thinks what’s happening between them. Ilahi turns her back and gets behind. Jahaan is asked to come in the spot light. Jahaan sings Jis par lootaane ko dil kare… Everyone claps for him. He steps back with Ilahi. Jordan looks at them. They go backstage. Jordan turns to go. Varsha stops him and asks him to sing. Jahaan takes a shawl and covers up Ilahi. Mahi says sing Jordan, focus. Jordan sings a rap song.

Husna goes to Ilahi and asks what happened. Ilahi cries. Husna sees her dress torn. She hugs Ilahi and consoles her. Everyone claps. The judges say amazing contestants, Punjab has amazing voices, we will meet again. Jahaan gets water for Ilahi. Husna asks her to have water. Some guys see her and comment. Jahaan gets angry. Ilahi stops him. Jordan comes and beats the guy. Sachet and Parampara sing Har har shiv. Jordan scolds the guy. The guy apologizes. Ilahi asks Jordan to stop. Jahaan asks Jordan to stop, will he kill the guy. Jordan says yes. He gets angry. Mahi looks on.

Monica worries and leaves. Jordan asks who did this, tell me, I will bury that person. Ilahi says I didn’t know about the nail. Husna says no, someone did this intentionally to break your dreams. Ilahi says I don’t want any fight. She goes. Husna and Jahaan follow her. Jordan’s friend stops her. Ilahi says Husna, leave me alone for sometime. Jahaan signs Husna. She goes. Ilahi cries. Jahaan sits with her.

Precap: Amar asks was everything fine there. Ilahi says I wish they have seen my talent and passion. Ginni, Biji and Mahi make plans against Ilahi.

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